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Disclosure by William Pawelec – Video Released After Death Reveals NASA/Gov Secret Projects


(Video Interview/10 part series/all below)

Mr William Pawelec was interviewed by Dr Steven Greer prior to the 2001 national Press Club Disclosure event.  he asked that it not be released until after his death.  Mr Pawelec passed away on May 22, 2007.  The video was released in December 2010.

Mr Pawelec had a long and very successful career serving first with the USAF in computer operations and programming.  His credentials in security technology and access control systems were top level.  He went on to serve the military industrial complex as a Security specialist, consultant, businessman for many years.

William Pawelec was involved in the security aspects of many Black projects (and possibly even above Black projects). William Pawelec revealed what he knew about the secret government/s (or 4 Horsemen as he termed it), their strange hidden agendas, UFOs AVC (Alien Visitation Crafts), anti-gravity …. etc.

He knew for a fact that the secret government has made billions of implantable RFID chips. He also explained his involvement in the RFID implantable microchip technology/field for a few decades.  He was the person who brought the technology to the MIC, USDA, CIA, NSA, NRO …. demonstrated and explain its capabilities.  He highlighted that we already have  passive RFID chips that can be detected 1 mile away. He said these chips could be modified to monitor the conditions of the human body (mind control?) and other aspects…etc.







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