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Mad Scientists Growing Human/Animal Hybrids in UK (For Real)


  1. January 20, 2012 at 3:07 am

    Rate out of 10?

    please i need feedback recording it tomorrow so it would help alot thanks

    Children die every day before they know what the world was.
    They never learned flaws of earned applause.
    Because they became another victim of the world wars.
    So boys and girl pause? Think of this when your dissing you peers.
    Having a mad laugh drunk and pissing out beers.
    The less fortunate’s blood sweat and tears.
    Their many threats and no cheers the deaths and the jeers.
    The no highs only the lows, The sad cries and blows.
    Till their lying in a funeral home head to toes dead holding a rose.
    Man we are defenseless so I’m tense *****.
    Because every world leader seems to be senseless.
    Close to home like incense is these ignorant insects.
    Destroying the child’s phase of beautiful innocence.
    Their studying Hitler’s plans To steal your children’s land.
    You think cement don’t crush kids when they blow them buildings man.
    So honour these scientists because they stick it with college?
    Do they kick it with knowledge? No their wicked i promise.
    Only if your new the experiments them fools are conducting.
    In their top secret laboratories making tools of destruction.
    Theirs rules of reproduction and they disagree with the construction
    Of practicing psychics with heart, You are Harvard student son.
    I bet your irresistibly smart, But did they teach you you need.
    To survive to grow on statistical chart.

    Looking at earth from space all I’m seeing is reds spots and smoke.
    Because everybody below me seems to be shooting folk.
    The impact of bombs exploding we need bomb disposals
    Because these bombs are eroding the surface and dissolving granite.
    The human race seems to be de evolving on this planet.
    The carnage is unthinkable so its hard to live it visoulary.
    If i was god the heavens would also cry looking at this rigid imagery.
    I’d be like I’m finished finish me, But the man must have vivid fantasy
    That we will come good that government stops spreading disease.
    And start spreading the peace and telling tales threw the television.
    televising terrorism to sell their vision but it’s a stellar mission.
    That my make jealous ending because they fight with fear.
    These hellish henchmen. Because you only hear
    What they want you to fear you only fear what they want you to hear.
    Year after year its crystal clear, They use terror to promote
    their pistol premiere. Some do it for power some do if for funds.
    Like the black market selling foreign guns. Arrogant ****.
    Thinking their their own gods I’m gone to pull your bones apart.
    ************ I’m the second coming of Napoleon bonaporte.
    So I’m ashamed of my own the humanoid version of fankinstein.
    Wishing everybody stayed virgins so we would die out in time.

  2. July 25, 2013 at 10:56 am

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