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Falling Satellite Debris – NOT !!! They’re Aliens (Sept 24/Canada)

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9/24/ 2011

Check it out, kids!!



Mars Tour – Olympus Mons Volcano (SEE the Chariots of Fire)

September 15, 2011 2 comments

9/15/ 2011

This is the first area I’ve seen on Mars or the Moon that isn’t ‘residential’.   It doesn’t have the patterned layouts of structures/land.   It does have many, many Chariots of Fire though.    Viewers should try it out themselves.  Go to Google Earth.  At the top, there is a tab that allows you to select Mars.  Use the coordinates I provide here.  Verify it for yourself.  Then go find your own amazing Mars site!!

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Moon Mining

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9/01/ 2011   It’s so easy to find these bases and ancient civilizations on the moon.   Check out my other moon videos.  There are tips there if you are so inclined.  Images of this video are posted below.  Thanks for stopping by, friends.  🙂

The FBI – Secret Files, Dead Guys and the Oklahoma City Bombing

June 21, 2011 3 comments

June 21, 2011


Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue has filed new evidence of secret FBI filing practices in his Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the bureau seeking files related to the Oklahoma City bombing.

Trentadue this week filed exhibits pertaining to FBI procedures for filing documents while keeping them out of legal disclosure processes such as FOIA or discovery. The exhibits were provided to INTELWIRE by Trentadue.

Affidavit of Richard Ojeda

Ojeda was an FBI agent from 1989 to 1999 who worked on the Oklahoma City bombing. According to Ojeda, when FBI agents interviewed subjects, they were trained to “be careful what we put into” written records such as FD-302 forms, since such records were “likely to be turned over to the defense in discovery.”

According to Ojeda’s affidavit, some information for FD-302 files would be omitted from the main report, but included in an insert “which we knew would generally not be discoverable in court.”

“The FBI also kept ‘zero files’ which were reports containing information that the FBI would not generally want disclosed to the defense and which were kept in a separate case file.” Ojeda indicated that he believed information about the Oklahoma City case had been improperly withheld from defense attorneys.

Memorandum and Order, National Lawyers Guild et. al. v. FBI et. al.

The unpublished 1980 court ruling found that the FBI maintained what were called “June Files,” which held “the results of electronic surveillance and other secretive methods of acquiring sensitive information.”

Trentadue sued the FBI after his brother, Kenneth, was found dead in a federal prison cell soon after the bombing. Trentadue won a wrongful death suit against the Bureau of Prisons for covering up key details of his brother’s death, which the Bureau claimed was a suicide.

Kenneth Trentadue

Trentadue believes his brother was murdered in prison in a case of mistaken identity due to his resemblance to a suspected accomplice in the bombing, Richard Guthrie, who was also found dead in prison under similar circumstances in 1996.

In Feb 2007, Jesse C. Trentadue Attorney, spent one and one-half days with Terry Lynn Nichols, obtaining his deposition. In it, he stated that there were many other parties involved and that the operations were overseen by FBI. Jesse won a Federal injunction allowing a video deposition of Terry Lynn, but the US Dept of Prisons and FBI had filed motions to quash his video deposition of Terry.

Kenneth Trentadue Autopsy Photo

Per Dr William Deagel,  “As Exit Medical Examiner at CCOM, St. Francis Hospital, I personally examined all five Special Ops Bomb Forensics Military Officers. One of the officers spent several hours provided extreme details of the scene, cause of the demolition and operational control of the site by Wakenhut Security.  He wanted further testing from positive radiation exposure, and told me how the entire operation was run by FBI and ATF and how all their bags were weighed and scanned for radiation traces of removed debris particles and chunks. They were warned, “Don’t remove any material from the site or we will track and kill you.” When it became evident that he told me this information, he was court-martialed and I was summarily fired and threatened.”

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