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Falling Satellite Debris – NOT !!! They’re Aliens (Sept 24/Canada)

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9/24/ 2011

Check it out, kids!!



ABC News Films UFOs at the White House During Earthquake

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Incident occurred on Aug 23, 2011

1969 Apollo Moon Footage of Ancient, Huge Structure – Image Analysis – Stunning

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8/2/ 2011  Neil Armstrong filmed this short film footage of the moon in 1969.  While it has been on the net for some time now, as far as I know, no one has taken the time to analyze it.  Until now.   Get ready for your jaw to drop.  All images following the film are taken directly from the film.

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Interview With ” Mr X “

~ Jerry Pippin April 2006 Interview with Mr. X

Jerry: TO THE AUDIENCE –We’re talking to a man who asked us to keep his identity
secret, because he does not want to get into trouble. He is breaking his top secret
oath because he believes we need to know what really is going between the US
Government and the UFO business. He has seen documents, spread out over
several decades. We agreed to the terms of this interview by not identifying him
and changing his voice, because we think this show is important.

Jerry: We’re out in the middle of the Mohave Desert, in the high desert, and we’re
meeting with a person who, really we cannot tell his name and we can’t give a lot of
background about him, but you’ll find out why we’re talking to this man. Can I call
you…do you prefer to be known as “Secret Man” or “Mr. X?”
Mr. X: That’s what you.…(chuckles).
Jerry: Okay, welcome to the show, by the way.
Mr. X: Thank you.
Jerry: What can you tell us, first of all, about your background?
Mr. X: Well, I worked at a southern California aerospace company for 11 years.
Jerry: While you worked there, at one time or another, you were a file clerk?
Mr. X: Well, I was on a project that was….filing documents.
Jerry: And so you had some sort of clearance, yourself?
Mr. X: Yes I did.
Jerry: And are you still in that business? Or can you say?
Mr. X: No, I’m not.
Jerry: Okay, you’re into something else now?
Mr. X: Yeah, I actually left there..
Jerry: So you actually feel that you can talk about this to a certain extent.
Mr. X: Yeah.
Jerry: Why don’t you tell our audience exactly.…you know, we’re kind ofdancing
around here.…we need to tell them exactly what we’re talking about. What
happened there?
Mr. X: Okay, I was in a department that produced documents of some sort for the
Government.…proposals and what-not. Specification documents for spacecraft and

satellites. And so we were all cleared and we were asked to volunteer for a project.
We were asked if any of us wanted to work on a project for 6 or 8 months, and so I
said, “Yeah I’d like to,” and 4 or 5 of us volunteered. To my recollection, two of us
made it.
Jerry: So what did they do, after you volunteered, you had some sort of test or
Mr. X: No, there was no test to it, they just….
Jerry: Later they came down, who was going to do it…and it involved leaving where
you were working….at that workplace and going someplace else?
Mr. X: Yes. In near proximity though, just into another building.
Jerry: Okay.
Mr. X: And then I worked 8 –10 hours a day, inside a vaulted building, filing
Government documents.
Jerry: Now, when you say, “a vaulted building,” it’s like a safe, probably.
Mr. X: Yep. It’s exactly like that.
Jerry: When you were in there, did you have any idea about what you were going to
be doing before you got there?
Mr. X: No.
Jerry: What was your reaction when you found out what you WERE doing?
Mr. X: Oh, I was thrilled. I was thrilled, because I’d been into this my entire life and I
always knew there was “something more.”
Jerry: Now, this dealt with Roswell.
Mr. X: Well it dealt with not only that, but just Government documents in general,
about EBEs, UFO sightings and reports….
Jerry: So from the first day or so, you were involved with actually this far-out stuff?
Mr. X: Uh-huh and pictures….
Jerry: Was it all just documents you saw or did you see pictures…tell us a little bit
about it.
Mr. X: There were a lot of photographs…. there were a lot of sealed envelopes,
which was too bad for me, but….
Jerry: In the sealed envelopes…what did you do, did you make note that they were
there or something or just put them away?
Mr. X: We got a big bag every day. A bag of work. The security man brought a bag
of work in. He couldn’t even look at it. He dropped it off; then he locked the door.
And we were all in our own little room. We couldn’t talk to one another. And we
were to open these bags up and file, take out the documents and look at them, and
depending on what they were, we had special instructions and it was different every
day. It was different every day. We had different stuff every day. And it was like,
we did this work but we didn’t talk about it….
Jerry: There were how many people in this room with you?
Mr. X: There was nobody in my room.
Jerry: Okay, always by yourself.
Mr. X: Yeah, because it was like this stuff was highly classified and….
Jerry: And when you got coffee break or a lunch break, did you go out with the
Mr. X: You had to call the front desk and ask. You couldn’t leave. They brought
stuff in for you.
Jerry: You did not get to leave there at all.
Mr. X: No, they brought stuff in. They had restrooms, they fed us, they did
everything for us.
Jerry: Did they search you every day to find out if you were taking things out?
Mr. X: Most every day, but they told us every day, on a daily basis, that security was
very important.
Jerry: And you looked at this material and what was the goal? I mean, why did they
hire you to do this?
Mr. X: Well we were filing and dividing stuff up into categories.
Jerry: Do you remember the categories?
Mr. X: Some days, it was divisions of militaries. Some days it was by classification.
Sometimes it was, take the documents, take the photos, take all the sealed stuff,
take all the….you know, sometimes we had NORAD, and just all kinds of stuff. It
depended on the assignment for that day. Sometimes you got a bag of video
Jerry: If I get this correctly, you didn’t walk in and the desk was full of stuff, it was in
a sack or something you picked up?
Mr. X: No, we came to work and once we were all there, or once I was there for me,
I would call down and say, “Okay I’m here,” and they’d bring a bag up, drop it off,
and the guard would leave the room and close the door.
Jerry: Would he….was it a slot that came through the door or did he actually come
inside and leave it?
Mr. X: He came inside. Yeah. It was a huge canvas bag
Jerry: Okay, I was just trying to just get an overall picture of this.
Mr. X: It was like someone dropping off their laundry and taking off.
Jerry: Was the bag sealed?
Mr. X: It had a combination lock on it.
Jerry: And you knew the combination.
Mr. X: Yep.
Jerry: And the guard did not.
Mr. X: The guard did not. Not to my recollection.
Jerry: Or you assume he didn’t.
Mr. X: He didn’t open it..
Jerry: Right. That would be the logical thing….
Mr. X: He brought it to me closed and when I returned it, it was empty and….
Jerry: Do you remember the first thing that just knocked your socks off, that you
Mr. X: Photographs.
Jerry: What was that?
Mr. X: Photographs. I saw several of alien crafts leaving and entering the water,
with no sweat.
Jerry: Entering and leaving where?
Mr. X: The water.
Jerry: Coming out of the water.
Mr. X: Uh-Huh.
Jerry: So all the things we hear about underwater craft and these things are true?
Mr. X: I think so. Well, I saw it with my own eyes, I mean people ask me if I believe
Jerry: Were these pictures taken by….how did they get the pictures?
Mr. X: Well they were marked….I don’t know who took them, probably the military.
There were some marked Air Force, some Navy, some NORAD, some NASA, all
kinds of stuff. I mean, these particular pictures, I can’t tell you what they were
marked as or who took them.
Jerry: What did they look like, I mean the craft?
Mr. X: Just black and white disc shapes, not a real close-up picture, maybe on an 8
x 10, maybe the ship was a couple of inches across, which is, I guess pretty good
quality, but it looked just like plain…
Jerry: Did you see any documents that ever explained where these craft were
coming up from the ocean, or ‘water’ from?
Mr. X: Not to my recollection. I know that it said a few of these pictures were from
the Hawaii area.
Jerry: So that was your first thing that you saw.
Mr. X: That was the first major thing that caught my eye. I mean, there was a lot of
boring stuff in this stuff.
Jerry: So most of it probably was more or less technical stuff, it was boring and
didn’t have a lot to do with anything, as far as you were concerned.
Mr. X: Stuff to do with….a lot of stuff to do with threat to us, perceived.
Jerry: A perceived threat.
Mr. X: A perceived threat. Yeah, I don’t think that anybody was a threat.
Jerry: Why do you say that, did it say literally that this was a warning, or….
Mr. X: Well, you have to understand, I saw documents from the 1940s all the way
up through the present time, through the 1980s.
Jerry: Right, right.
Mr. X: Back in the 40s, Foo Fighters were feared, so there were documents about
national security and about what we can do, you know like the big fighter….
Jerry: Do you remember what they said about Foo Fighters?
Mr. X: A lot of stuff recommended that, it was recommended that they fire on them.
And that they don’t know where they come from but they assume that it’s otherworldly
craft and….
Jerry: Oh, they actually put that in there.
Mr. X: Uh-huh. And there were other documents that would say, “Yes, they are of
other worlds.” They are’s not a speculation. This is now true. And this….
Jerry: Did they ever explain why they came to that conclusion?
Mr. X: Because of crashes and because of other information.
Jerry: So they had recovered crashes of Foo Fighters?
Mr. X: I think that, well from the documentation I’ve seen, my guess would be
around fifty crashes, not just here, but all over the world.
Jerry: Right, I understand that. You know, my good friend Ryan S. Wood says there
were 78 or 76 or something like that, but I get the impression there’s a heck of a lot
more UFO crashes than that over the years.
Mr. X: Oh I think so too. I mean you know, Bill was surprised – Bill Ryan was
surprised –when I said 50, but….
Jerry: Speaking of Bill Ryan, did you see anything in there about Serpo?
Mr. X: Nothing. Nothing, no, that’s how I got to know him and how I got here, is that
I was on his website and I was looking at the stuff and I said, “This doesn’t jibe with
what I know.” And I got a long email back and that was kind of the way our
relationship started.
Jerry: Right, well we’re going to get into some of what you do know, because it’s
incredible and it’s.. I guess you had to sign a form that you wouldn’t tell anybody
about this, right?
Mr. X: More than one.
Jerry: What was the penalty if you did, did it say?
Mr. X: Not specifically, but I was told on numerous occasions, that the penalty for
treason is hanging.
Jerry: I’ve never understood why the Government always considered extraterrestrial
information “treasonous to our government.”Did you see some evidence in these
documents that there is an ET threat?
Mr. X: No. Well I saw no evidence to that fact.
Jerry: Well okay. That’s what I mean.
Mr. X: I mean, the fact that their capabilities are more than ours,
Jerry: Well that alone would shake up a military mind.
Mr. X: Right, but the fact that they haven’t done anything, to me is evidence that
they’re not a threat.
Jerry: Well we’re skipping around here a little bit, but I think it’s important for the
audience to understand exactly what we’re talking about. We’re talking about at
least five decades, right? Of material?
Mr. X: Oh yeah.
Jerry: And do you remember the latest item you saw….when did you….can you tell
me the year you stopped doing this?
Mr. X: About ‘84 or ’85, I think that’s when it took place.
Jerry: Okay. When you were doing….working with this material, you obviously said,
“Well I’m a file clerk when it started,” but obviously you had a secret clearance and
you had something on the ball, they believed that you were capable of doing it, I
mean they were giving you some precious, secret information for you to file
Mr. X: Uh-huh.
Jerry: Do you have any idea what happened with all this material after you filed it?
Mr. X: No.
Jerry: Do you think it’s still in that vault in that building?
Mr. X: It left the room I was in, at the end of the day. So, it was in other boxes and
Jerry: So you have no idea.
Mr. X: Nope.
Jerry: It sounds to me like they were guarding this material, as much as, you know
Brinks would gold. Probably more.
Mr. X: Well yeah.
Jerry: Okay, now let’s get back to some of the things you saw. You mentioned the
underwater craft, saucer-type craft, coming out of the water.
Mr. X: Saw several photos of a UFO craft taken from Gemini-Apollo space shuttle
Jerry: Was it a saucer craft too?
Mr. X: Some were saucers, some were just lights, looked like lights – you couldn’t
see really the shape. Obviously it’s in space, but yeah, several hundred of those.
Jerry: So all of these people, talking about, “Well we got these NASA pictures and
these satellite pictures and they show things.” They probably are onto something.
At least you saw some pictures taken by satellites….
Mr. X: Oh, yeah. Saw a lot closer, a lot more close up and better-detailed than what
they’re showing on the internet that’s supposedly this big discovery….
Jerry: Can you tell me a little bit about the detail of some of the things you
remember, I mean what do these craft look like?
Mr. X: Most of them were saucer-shaped, they looked like cigar-shaped kind of, but
then I think that’s a side view deal….
Jerry: Yeah, it could just be a matter of perspective.
Mr. X: Yeah. Most of them I saw were disc-shaped, I did see spherical items that
looked like they were unmarked, like closed spheres or glowing spheres or, but I
mean, pretty close: I’d say within between 100 and 500 feet away….
Jerry: Did the craft have any markings on them?

Mr. X: No, some of them looked like they had port-holes or windows or lights….
Jerry: Just like the general UFO reports we hear.
Mr. X: Yeah, nothing like where the door hatch would be, or anything.
Jerry: Let’s get into some of the other things. You said you saw nothing like Serpo.
Mr. X: No, I saw no information about that, whatsoever.
Jerry: Did you see evidence of any kind of extraterrestrial human-being
Mr. X: Oh, absolutely. I saw pictures.
Jerry: Tell me a little about what stands out.
Mr. X: I saw documents about biology, ETE biology. Or EBE biology, excuse me.
Jerry: Were these dead ETs and autopsy reports?
Mr. X: Autopsy documents.
Jerry: Did you see some of those pictures?
Mr. X: I saw a few pictures but I probably read more stuff than saw pictures.
Jerry: What did they say about the biology of the ETs? Was there more than one
type of species?
Mr. X: Yes, several. The most prevalent, standing out in my mind are the tall,
orange beings.
Jerry: Did you say orange?
Mr. X: Orange. Tall, orange, 7 to 8 feet, real slim. Slim like a Gray, but they have a
rounder head. The same type of eyes.
Jerry: Kind of like a devil, almost.
Mr. X: No, I wouldn’t say that.
Jerry: Or maybe like a huge guy, you know what I’m talking about right, only taller?
Mr. X: Yeah, real skinny and slim and tall, and of course there were the Grays….
Jerry: Did they tell you who they were?
Mr. X: No.
Jerry: They didn’t identify where any of these species were from?
Mr. X: Well Zeta-Reticuli was mentioned, but not as far as….
Jerry: It was. But not for that particular type being.
Mr. X: No, but what was mentioned was that the orange ones were the fathers and
creators of the Grays.
Jerry: So even the official Government documents here are either relating the ideas
of good and bad and spiritualism, etc. and evil or whatever, or maybe they’re
just….were they making those facts, or were they just saying that’s what people
Mr. X: Well some were speculation. There were a few that mentioned the Grays as
claiming to be the creators of humankind and claiming to have brought Jesus to
Jerry: Okay.
Mr. X: So there was mention of that in Government documents, both in speculation
and in what they called knowledge from the Ets themselves.
Jerry: In looking over these documents, and I want to get back to one thing at a
time, the orange ones here in a minute, but I have to ask you this, looking over
these documents, was there a lot of evidence to you –do you have any doubt at all
that we didn’t just sit down and interrogate ETs? I mean, did that happen? Did they
have conversations, in other words? There was some sort of official….
Mr. X: Oh absolutely. I did not see anything on any landing, but I did see about
mental telepathy and actual conversations.
Jerry: And the conversations, we’ll get in to in a moment. Let’s get back to the
Orange people, because that’s new to me. I hadn’t heard about the Orange people.
Mr. X: You never heard of them? There are a few people out there who know about
them.…it’s on the internet. Some of it’s out there.
Jerry: I guess I’ve seen there’s 38 species or 52 or some ungodly number, but what
I’m saying is….and there’s probably thousands really….
Mr. X: I would say so.
Jerry: Did you get the idea that all these ETs are working together or are they
separate incidents, separate encounters, in other words?
Mr. X: They’re working alongside one another, not necessarily together. I think they
have different agendas.
Jerry: What are some of those agendas, do you think?
Mr. X: Well, it’s common amongst most of them that have been in contact with our
government and other governments, that they to have a god and they do believe in
God and that they say their role is to create life here and throughout the universe.
And we’re part of that scheme. We’re part of that creation.
Jerry: Okay, so they’re basically saying that they’re going through the galaxies and
the universe, the solar systems and, what? Making sure life exists?
Mr. X: Creating life and genetically engineering beings where, let’s say, if a society
destroys themselves which is kind of where we’re headed, I believe, and that’s part
of the reason they’re here.
Jerry: Did you get the impression that, you know you talked about their being here
for some time; how about abductions? I mean, we did autopsies on them. Are they
checking us out? Have you heard….did you see anything about abductions?
Mr. X: No, no. It’s like I got this certain information….
Jerry: Right. I mean we’re not saying that it doesn’t exist or….
Mr. X: Oh I think it’s true and I think it does exist. I just don’t think that… a lot of
people are saying….
Jerry: I’ve always thought that perhaps our Government knew these abductions
were happening and we got something in return for it, whatever that is, I don’t
Mr. X: That’s what the word is out about technology….but I don’t really think they’ve
agreed….I didn’t see too much about that. I really don’t think we got much of
anything from them. I think we got a bunch of stuff that, like, “Here. Figure it out.”
Because I read about recoveries of machines and that sort of stuff from ships and I
think that stuff was sort of like.…some of the stuff that was given to us as far as
crafts and crashes and stuff I think were set up to deliberately.…
Jerry: Oh really? Why do you think that?
Mr. X: Just because of how everything happened and, I don’t know, I just got this
Jerry: That’s a personal hunch from what you’ve seen.
Mr. X: That’s a personal hunch from the stuff that I’ve read.
Jerryt: You didn’t pick up a document from anyplace that said that.
Mr. X: No, no. Absolutely not. That’s a personal feeling.
Jerry: As far as you could tell from the things you saw, were these all of the
complete documents, do you think, that existed at that time?
Mr. X: Oh, absolutely not.
Jerry: Okay. Do you know who this contract was with? Was it with the Defense
Mr. X: I have no clue. “Don’t ask any questions, don’t ask anything, just do the
Jerry: I understand that. Now, let’s get back to the other species’ pictures you saw.
These orange ones by the way, before we go any further, were they posing for
Mr. X: Some were. A lot of them were.
Jerry: Oh really? It was kinda like, “Stand still. We want to get your official picture
Mr. X: Yeah, sort of. They were like mug shots, type thing or just shots of full body
and pictures of them with Grays and…
Jerry: Could you tell if they were taken under friendly circumstances or….
Mr. X: I didn’t see any shackles or….
Jerry: Okay. No chains, nothing like that.
Mr. X: No.
Jerry: You know, we always hear about living entities like J-rod and other entities,
EBE-1 and EBE-2 and all of that. What do you make of all that? Do you think
there’s a J-rod for instance who ever existed at Los Alamos or did you see anything
from Los Alamos on that?
Mr. X: I saw pictures and stuff but just of pieces of crashes, not of him or referred to
as him. Now maybe I saw a picture of him and didn’t know who it was? Could be.
Jerry: Sure. And how about….did you see anything that you could identify that had
been at Area 51 or S-4 or whatever you want to call it?
Mr. X: White Sands stuff.
Jerry: You mean like the Tall Whites?
Mr. X: No, I don’t ever remember seeing those, I saw Oranges and Grays….
Jerry: Okay you don’t remember seeing anything like that.
Mr. X: Several of the species were like the Grays but were a little bit different.
Jerry: Other than, I guess there were some more or less human….
Mr. X: Nordics, yes.
Jerry: Yeah, Nordic types. Do you know where they’re from?
Mr. X: Saw pictures of them. No. I have no clue. The only reference to a solar
system I saw was Zeta-Reticuli.
Jerry: Now, when we talk about these things, were there any documents of threats
to the US government? I mean, I keep hearing about all the planes that we’ve lost
over the years. Is there any evidence there that planes were shot down by
extraterrestrial craft?
Mr. X: I didn’t see anything. I think it was just a fear and it was early on, you know
when the early crashes, when Roswell happened and other crashes in that time and
a lot of sightings.…Their concerns were over nuclear activity and dirty radiation. I
think that’s why that was so prevalent in World War ll.
Jerry: Now, you’re an intelligent guy, so you probably picked up, by looking at these
documents over the decades that you saw, early documents and later on closer to
the ‘80s where you were even, did theattitude of the documents change in any way,
in other words, the way they were writing about this? First what is it? Who are
these people? They’re a threat…Well they’re okay….Well we found out.…Do you get
what I mean?
Mr. X: My feeling of why they were keeping this from the people.
Jerry: Was there any document there that said why they want to keep this secret?
Mr. X: Several.
Jerry: Can you tell me some of them?

on Earth. Okay, that was the first tangible thing that I saw. It slowly went to, “This is
a Christian country and most people would go into hysteria if they knew they knew
what the truth was, if they knew that there were beings out here.”As it progressed,
and a relationship with the Government started taking place, then it’slike it’s all too
big for us to find out anything. What do we do now?
Jerry: It’s just amazing to have such incredible secrecy for this, decades later.
Mr. X: Yeah, I don’t see how they can do it, to tell you the truth.
Jerry: It seems to me that the American people or the people of the world really,
would probably be shocked for a week or two; then go on about their business. We
kind of accept everything, you know?
Mr. X: Well I think so too, and I think there’s a lot more….
Jerry: It seems to be much ado about nothing.
Mr. X: Right. There’s a lot more people, look at what’s infiltrated society with all the
alien-head stuff and all the pictures and all the skateboards, I mean it’s part of our
culture now almost and I think that’s because it’s real. You know its being real
starts in our culture. I really think the younger people would say, “Oh that’s cool.”
Jerry: Yeah.
Mr. X: “Have them come over to my house. I want to check them out.” You know?
Jerry: Well I’m not a young guy but I’d sure like to just knock on the door and say,
“Come on over here, let’s make a tape.”
Mr. X: I would too. Let’s talk. I want to know what’s out there.You show me your
world and I’ll show you mine.
Jerry: Right. Do you think we’ve gone to some other worlds?
Mr. X: I think Serpo’s true. So, yes.
Jerry: You do. But you saw no evidence in your….
Mr. X: No.
Jerry: Okay. How about Roswell?
Mr. X: Absolutely true.
Jerry: And you saw a lot of documents about Roswell?
Mr. X: And pictures, parts, and.…
Jerry: Give me some examples. We go to Roswell every year; we do lots of shows at
Roswell. Peter Jennings said Roswell was a myth. I don’t think so.
Mr. X: Well, no. Absolutely no.
Jerry: Yeah. Right.
Mr. X: Pictures of….there was like these frames, this one large picture of all these
smaller pictures of a guy taking some flat material and crushing it up into his
hands, where it was hidden? And letting it go and it going, “boing,” and springing
out and being totally creaseless. Stuff like that. I-beams with insignias on them….
Jerry: And strange writing?
Mr. X: Yep. Also, like electronic discs and stuff from crashes and like, video.
Jerry: Oh, really. In 1947 that’d have to blow their mind.
Mr. X: They probably didn’t know what it was. I don’t know that that sort of stuff
was from Roswell, but…it’s from other crashes, I would tend to believe it’s probably
further down the line.
Jerry: Was there any reason.…you know you’re talking about technically superior
people here.…they got here, or ‘creatures,’ whatever we want to call them, whatever
they want to call us, was there any reference in there about how they referred to us?
Mr. X: No, not to my recollection. No.
Jerry: Okay, I was kinda curious. I guess the official term was just “extraterrestrial
beings” or.…
Mr. X: Extraterrestrial biological entities. EBEs….
Jerry: Right, we have that part of it right, then.
Mr. X: Oh yeah, or Grays or they call them by.…I mean there’s a mention of, people
ask me….or Bill asked me, I guess, if I had seen anything about reptilians and I said,
“No.” Nothing in the documentation I looked at, and that seems to be why they
don’t believe that those exist. Now they could’ve.
Jerry: Right, as you said you didn’t have all the documents probably, but of the
documents you saw, that’s what we’re zeroing in on here.
Mr. X: Exactly. And if that’ small or large, I don’t know how big a part it was.…
Jerry: Was there ever any discussion on why these extraterrestrials would crash?
Why the UFOs would crash?
Mr. X: Well there was one where they had figured that the craft was downed by
good, old-fashioned radar. Good, old-fashioned radar messed up their system.
Jerry: So, the really hot radar back in those years.
Mr. X: Yeah.
Jerry: So we more or less have that story right.
Mr. X: Yeah. I mean it’s like, their technology’s so advanced, they don’t think
about.…they don’t use the radio waves….
Jerry: Do you know if they had any survivors to that crash?
Mr. X: To the Roswell crash?
Jerry: Yeah.
Mr. X: Yeah, one.
Jerry: And you saw some evidence of that?
Mr. X: Yeah.
Jerry: And how severely injured was that creature? I mean what’d they do
with….where would you take a creature that’s injured, I wonder?
Mr. X: To an Army base or some kind of Navy base or something.…
Jerry: You don’t know which one.
Mr. X: I don’t know, no. But I do know that they did have one and he was pretty
badly hurt. It wasn’t like he could just walk away. Or she.
Jerry: Did he recover or do you know?
Mr. X: No. He died three or four days later.
Jerry: Was there any evidence of other.… You know, in the military when you lose
somebody, you go after the body if you can get it. Is there any evidence the ETs do
Mr. X: No. No, they regard their bodies a little different than we do. Their body’s a
shell. They’re spiritual like we are, but they….and this is from government
documents from their communications with us. That their body is a shell and when
they die they leave their body and they’re conscious of it, they’re conscious when
they’re gone and they get a new body and they don’t ever forget. They like, don’t
die. Where we go and have an out-of-body experience or “go to the light” or
whatever? And we forget where we were and….
Jerry: They remember.
Mr. X: They don’t ever forget when they die. Yeah, they say we live many lives and
choose other lives and we go out and cruise space for a while and come back and
decide that we want to live again and go inside another body. We’re learning.
Jerry: Are there two different sexes?
Mr. X: Yes. But they don’t…they don’t really ah….procreate like we do. They just
make bodies and recycle the biological material.
Jerry: Well, frankly that doesn’t sound as much fun as the way we do it but that’s
beside the point.
Jerry: You said the extraterrestrials, at least these that you read about, did not reproduce the way
we do, we’re talking about a sexual way but more of a spiritual or scientific way, by
entering a body –a new body prepared for them. Now this brings up the thing that
I’m wondering. I’ve heard about male and female ETs before, so the question here
really is, are there two different sexes for ETs, male and female?
Mr. X: Yeah. But they don’t really procreate like we do. They just make bodies and
recycle biological material.
Jerry: How does that work?
Mr. X: I would imagine they do something in the lab or something in a culture.
Jerry: They’re probably cloned.
Mr. X: Yeah.
Jerry: Did you see any evidence of that in the documents?
Mr. X: Quotes and stuff, yeah. Written down, documentation….
Jerry: Do you remember the first time that you saw a document where, I imagine it
would be a military officer, talked to an extraterrestrial?
Mr. X: Uh-huh.
Jerry: Do you remember where that was?
Mr. X: I remember “Air Force” on the documents.
Jerry: There was a language problem there, wasn’t there or was it all telepathic?
Mr. X: It was mostly telepathic. And they knew they could think to us in English.
Jerry: And then when they were in another country they would think to them in their
Mr. X: Yeah. Because they know what’s going on here.
Jerry: We don’t have evidence, or maybe we do, that’s what I’m going to ask you, do
they prefer certain countries on the Earth?
Mr. X: Well….

Jerry: Or do different races go different places? I did a story recently with Wendelle
Stevens, in which he talked about a particular extraterrestrial race that he thought
preferred Germans. Nazis. And it goes back to the Foo Fighter days and before
that, and when he was at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in 1947 he threw away a
lot of evidence, not by malice….[but from] ignorance; he didn’t know what it was.
He just thought it was strange writing and pitched it. And then later on he figured
out there was a German connection. So the Foo Fighters were definitely extraterrestrial

and that’s where he was leaving his conversation.

Mr. X: Well that’s what they used to call them. They don’t use that term any more
obviously. Because they thought they were a threat. They thought they were from
another country. There was Germany and Russia.…they didn’t know where they
came from. They thought these were secret weapons.
Jerry: You can understand some of the things that we did, top-secret-wise when the
Cold War was on and World War ll was on, but I’m not so sure that there’s any
threat like that now. I don’t think anybody’s going to get on a camel and take an ET,
you know what I mean?
Mr. X: Yeah.
Jerry: So we don’t have a threat like that now.
Mr. X: It was done out of ignorance and it was innocent ignorance, not..
Jerry: What really jumps out at you, I mean this has been several years back, that
you saw these documents.…If you had an overall message of these documents that
you saw, what would it be? That there’s nothing to fear?
Mr. X: Nothing to fear from them, but they’re concerned about us.
Jerry: They think we’re more dangerous than they are, huh?
Mr. X: More dangerous to ourselves.
Jerry: Well I can’t argue with that.
Mr. X: You know, like dirty radiation. There are two real major issues they now have
with us….and this will be the Grays….is that we’re gaining the capability to travel
interplanetarily (sic) and enter different solar systems. Between other solar systems
and we’re attracted to dirty radiation….bombs, engines, whatever it is….not clean
radiation, and their fear is that not only are we going to destroy ourselves. Number
Two, that we could take it somewhere else.
Jerry: And actually cause….
Mr. X: Damage and pollution somewhere else and that’s.…
Jerry: Let’s talk a little bit about some particular incidents that you remember. You
said they had two sexes, male and female, I imagine.
Mr. X: Yeah.
Jerry: But they don’t procreate; they’re not dating.
Mr. X: No. Some are. I mean some, they are together but they don’t….they are
companions. They don’t have to have sex to procreate; they can get a new body….
Jerry: I wonder if they show affection at all. They probably don’t have to. It’s
probably just a mental, emotional thing.
Mr. X: Well they’re beings. Maybe even if it’s “thought affection,” I would think it
would be….
Jerry: That’s what I’m saying. They may have progressed beyond actual the actual
physical part of it…. Do you have any idea how they get from huge distances to
here? Was there any information in there like.…”We just don’t understand the way
Mr. X: That’s pretty much what it was. Talk about bending space and bringing….you
don’t go there, you bring them here. That sort of stuff, where you create a vacuum
in distance, a distance vacuum, and you bring whatever you want to get to you, to
you, and it’s like it’s shorter outside the craft than inside.
Jerry: Hmm.
Mr. X: From inside, it takes them a while to get here but outside, it’s fast.
Jerry: Instantaneous.
Mr. X: Close to it. Not exactly, but close to it. Within minutes to get from here to
there, where there might be 40 light-years….whatever….
Jerry: And there’s some evidence that some of these craft shot lasers out or light
beams or whatever. Anything in there like that?
Mr. X: Light beams there, but I’ve never heard of them destroying anything.
Jerry: You never saw anything where a fighter plane was shot down that was
attacking them?
Mr. x: No, I’ve seen them….seen documents about disabling the instrumentation in
aircraft and aircraft crashing, but only because they were chasing, but nothing to
destroy….just like, to prevent.
Jerry: So basically, you saw absolutely no evidence of them being a threat to us.
Mr. X: Absolutely not.
Jerry: Just the other way around.
Mr. X: Correct.
Jerry: We were trying to shoot them down….which we were at one time.
Mr. X: Which we can’t.
Jerry: Right. We figured out, we can’t. I don’t think they even try to do it any more.
Mr. X: No.
Jerry: And you saw evidence of them working together, maybe not in unison, but
they were aware of each other.
Mr. X: Correct.
Jerry: Would that be kind of a “United Nations of the Galaxies” or something?
Mr. X: I liken it most to the Prime Directive of Star Trek.
Jerry: It seems to me that Star Trek is right-on about a lot of things.
Mr. X: Absolutely. Absolutely.
Jerry: Do you have any theory about that? How that happened?
Mr. X: I think there are beings that “make it” long enough and evolve enough to
realize that we’re all the same “being.” Everybody on Earth, there are so many
races and all that stuff but our souls are the same and that we need to get it all
together and.…
Jerry: I want to get back to the ET biology.
Mr. X: Okay.
Jerry: Do they have stomachs?
Mr. X: No.
Jerry: How do they eat?
Mr. X: Their blood is chlorophyll-based. So they’re a plant-animal. They don’t eat.
They absorb sunlight and use carbon dioxide.
Jerry: Unless their structure is totally different from ours, they have to have some
sort of energy.
Mr. X: Yeah, they get minerals and stuff from the atmosphere and from.…
Jerry: They absorb it.
Mr. X: Uh-huh. Through their skin.
Jerry: So nobody sits down and orders a steak.
Mr. X: No.
Jerry: They must look upon us, having to eat three meals a day, rather quizzically.
Mr. X: The worst part of it is the aftermath, the waste. I mean it’s like a plant has
no waste. It has waste – its waste is what we live off of: it’s oxygen.
Jerry: So in other words, they don’t have bowel movements or anything like that.
Mr. X: No, not that I’m aware of. Their esophagus goes down to a point and that’s
Jerry: Do some of them actually have voices do you think?
Mr. X: Yeah, I would think so. Not a lot about that. A lot about thought communication.
Jerry: What’s your feeling right now. Do you think there’s ETs among us, talking to
some Colonel or General right now someplace?
Mr. X: I think so. I think there are different kinds. A lot of different kinds. And I
think in other nations too.
Jerry: Do you think any President’s ever met an ET?
Mr. X: I would say Truman and Eisenhower probably. I don’t think anybody else.
Jerry: You didn’t see any documents to that effect, though.
Mr. X: No. But I would….
Jerry: You didn’t see the famous Edwards Air Force document where Ike went there
and they met him on the runway or anything.
Mr. X: No. No.
Jerry: Did you see anything like that? Anything that they were going to have a
meeting or a treaty or agreement or….
Mr. X: Just stuff about acquired equipment.
Jerry: Required equipment?
Mr. X: Acquired equipment. Machines..
Jerry: Okay. In other words, what we found in crashes.
Mr. X: Right. Or what’s given to us: “Here, take this.”
Jerry: And of course you worked for aerospace company, right? So that may have
been all the material they were giving you guys because that’s what you’d be
interested in….your company.
Mr. X: Could be. Could be that that’s the documents that I happened to see or that
were passed across my desk to be filed.
Jerry: You know, this has been an incredible time, and just mind-boggling when we
start talking about it and I know you’ve thought about it for a long time now, over
and over and over. What conclusions do you draw here? I mean, there’s life on
other worlds. We agree to that, right?
Mr. X: Absolutely.
Jerry: And as far as you know they’re not into physically threatening us. They’re not
eating us for lunch.
Mr. X: No. They’re coming here though, a lot of them are coming here….
Jerry: And why don’t you think they want an official notice that they’re here?
Mr. X: It’s coming. It’s coming within 5 or 6 years. Because that was mentioned:
2012, and visitations.
Jerry: And did it say what this visitation would consist of?

Mr. X: That they would make themselves known to the human race through landing
and through our massive communication network. And, if there was nuclear war
before that time that they could possibly intervene.
Jerry: In other words, if we didn’t wait until 2012, because we’re going to blow
ourselves up, they would intervene.
Mr. X: Yes.
Jerry: I’ve done a lot of shows about UFO intervention with missiles. A lot of people
were on duty when these things happened.
Mr. X: Yeah. They shut them down.
Jerry: Yeah. Did you see anything like that?
Mr. X: I saw documents to that effect, yeah.
Jerry: You did see documents to that effect.
Mr. X: Disabling nuclear missiles and shutting off hundreds of silos and…
Jerry: So basically you really feel, after seeing these documents that probably
they’re not going to let us destroy ourselves.
Mr. X: I think they’re going to let a lot of us die, but not all of us.
Jerry: Why would they let some of us die, do you think?
Mr. X: Well, you’re really not dying, Number One. Your bodies are being
destroyed….your souls are still alive. So….
Jerry: So they have souls and we have souls. Do these souls intermingle?
Mr. X: Yeah, upon death. We can go up to one of them. I don’t know that you can
tell the difference. But that’s just personal opinion.
Jerry: I understand that. And you did see documents – official US Government
documents that dealt with this subject.
Mr. X: Yes. That dealt with recycling of bodies and this whole thing about not dying
and not understanding physical pain because they don’t have physical pain. They
can cut their arm and….
Jerry: They don’t have any pain?
Mr. X: No.
Jerry: And there are documents to that effect?
Mr. X: Yeah.
Jerry: Be pretty tough to defeat them in a war then, wouldn’t it?
Mr. X: There is no winner.
Jerry: Well, do you think some people in our government think they can?
Mr. X: Yeah. I think some people in our government think they can control
humanity and keep things the way they are, here.
Jerry: When this thing about 2012….was that date given?
Mr. X: Uh-huh.
Jerry: It actually was given.
Mr. X: December 21st or 22nd.
Jerry: What we’ve talked about before.
Mr. X: Same old thing everybody else talks about, the Mayan Calendar.…
Jerry: It keeps coming back, right. Now, who’s coming? Did it say a group of them
or just one group or did it go into detail?
Mr. X: The Grays are what it talked about so I would imagine it’s probably them.
Because they say that they put us here.
Jerry: So we’re really….as far as the Grays are concerned, we’re kind of their stepchildren.
Mr. X: Yeah. We’re their children. They care about us and we’re part of….we’re a
project for them. We’re part of the life that they put on Earth. And there are other
beings like us on other planets throughout the universe.
Jerry: Other human-type….
Mr. X: Yeah, not exactly but maybe have a different color skin but have the same
evolutionary process.
Jerry: As far as you know you didn’t see anything about Serpo but you think there’s
truth to it.
Mr. X: Yeah I think that, I don’t know, there’s so much the detail in it, it’s not what
I’m concerned about; it’s the whole concept. And yes, I do think so. I mean there
are so many things that are like, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” There’s a
movie I saw when I was young. And this was before I was working in aerospace,
that to me, is pretty close to the truth and that’s, “Hangar 18.” I don’t know if you’ve
ever seen that movie. It’s cheesy. It’s like a parallel to the Roswell crash but it’s
about a space shuttle that launches a satellite and hits a UFO and it crashes to
Jerry: We haven’t talked about cattle mutilations because we’ve been talking about
the goodness of the extraterrestrial movement and you’ve been pretty explicit about
it and you have documentation to back it up. But how do you explain that part of it?
Mr. X: The cattle mutilations?
Jerry: Did they deal at all in cattle mutilations? Did you see any documents about
Mr. X: I saw documents about that but never anything that would mark them as
sinister and from the ETs. They wondered what it was and there were UFO sightings
around those times. So I think there’s a correlation there but I don’t think there was
anything else.
Jerry: Did they write about Bigfoot?
Mr. X: No. No Loch Ness type stuff, none of that.
Jerry: Okay, no Bigfoot, no monsters, and no reptilians.
Mr. X: No reptilians. Not come across my desk.
Jerry: I’ve often felt that, not only in the Christian religion, but in many religions,
especially the things that were written two, three thousand, four thousand years
ago, that there could have been an extraterrestrial element to it and that mankind
at that point just wouldn’t understand it. Yet the extraterrestrials, you said earlier
that they did believe in a divine God.
Mr. X: Yes.
Jerry: Did they believe in a singular godhead?
Mr. X: Yes.
Jerry: And did they call him God? Or did they call it a “force?”
Mr. X: We referred to what they believed in as “God,” but no mention of what they
called him or “it” or what they thought it was..
Jerry: In other words, as far as they were concerned, it might be as simple as what
we saw in some of the movies: “May the Force be with you,” kind of thing.
Mr. X: Or it could have been their collective consciousness as a set of souls.
Jerry: And they really dealt in reincarnation and they really believe in that.
Mr. X: They manufactured bodies, so yeah they kind of just think….
Jerry: They manufactured what?
Mr. X: They manufactured bodies to use when they needed them, when their body’s
worn out.
Jerry: So you’re saying there’s a factory in the sky someplace where they say, “Hey
Joe, we’ve got a thousand souls today coming about. We need bodies?”
Mr. X: Well no, the biological entities themselves had their own laboratory and
made their own bodies. Their quote was “They recycled bodies.”
Jerry: In other words, they chose who they were going to be next?
Mr. X: Yeah, they were pretty much all the same. There was no.…
Jerry: So the eternal, everlasting life – with them was not a mystery, it’s a fact.
Mr. X: Yeah.
Jerry: How long do these bodies they have right now, last? Did they say?
Mr. X: Three to four hundred years.
Jerry: And do they go check into a hospice or someplace?
Mr. X: I’m not sure how they do it.
Jerry: I mean I wonder how they do that.
Mr. X: I think they just walk into the lab and do an EBE out-of-body experience, an
OBE and….
Jerry: You think it’s that fast? Is there any evidence that Grays are androids? You
hear about that a lot.
Mr. X: No.
Jerry: You think they’re entities, huh?
Mr. X: Yeah, oh I know they are.
Jerry: All of them.
Mr. X: Well what I learned about. I didn’t see anything about any kind of androids
or “part machine” or.…
Jerry: We’ve said some fairly earth-shaking things to people. I’ve been doing shows
like this for four decades and you saw all these secret documents, so it may not be
earth-shaking to you or me, but for the normal person out there, we’ve pretty well
skirted heresy here. What do you say to those people?
Mr. X: Well, there’s a lot more happening than you realize. The world isn’t always
what you see and what you’re taught. Just be careful who you listen to and….
Jerry: Do you have any evidence where they voluntarily come and stay, like you
know we hear about the story…I did a show recently, with the Aviary, in which they
talked about EBE 3 being a female ambassador. And being in a safe-house near
Washington, DC and they tried to make contact with her and they weren’t able to do
it but they almost did. But Reagan, according to their story, did see the EBE 3, the
female ambassador. Did you see anything like that in these documents? Yours
were more just crash….
Mr. X: Crash and then….
Jerry: Well you did have some interrogations though.
Mr. X: Uh-huh. A little bit but more just the informational type and reports and,
“This is what we think.” And, “This is what we know.” More of it was, “What we
Jerry: You never saw in any of these documents, where a crash, extraterrestrial that
we recovered or one that we met or captured, or they came willingly or however it
happened, where they said something like, “According to the Geneva Convention I
don’t have to tell you anything.” They were cooperative, in other words.
Mr. X: To a certain extent. I think they told us what we could handle.
Jerry: You know they gave more than their name, rank, and serial number.
Mr. X: Right. They’re dealing with the Government. They’re not dealing with a
normal person that might be more open-minded. They’re dealing with somebody
whose mindset is, “protect, control, and own.”
Jerry: But as far as you could see, from the relationships, the little bit of stuff you
saw about relationships, it more or less was a cooperative effort. There was not any
animosity on either side.
Mr. X: No, not at all, no. In fact, when we recovered their bodies after the crashes,
they didn’t ever come back to get them. They could care less. Because they didn’t
have anything when they had the bodies, according to the EBEs, they were like, “So I
don’t have a body. I’ll just get a new one. It’s no big deal.”
Jerry: So how did they look at our attitude…you know, our attitude is, we have to
recoup that body, so….
Mr. X: No, they don’t see it like we do. That’s what I think a lot of people don’t
understand, because they look at it in terms of human and it’s hard to look past
that because that’s what we are. They don’t look at it as, you know, that it’s
possible that other people can have other values.
Jerry: If I get what you are saying here, in 2012, December 20th, 21st, whatever the
date is, there’s going to be a lot of ships land. CNN or all the television networks will
be broadcasting it. We’ll all know about it. And is it basically, “We’re here!.” Is that
the way they plan to do it?
Mr. X: Yeah, and we’ll be given choices.
Jerry: And the choice is what?
Mr. X: That if we want to learn where they came from and to learn to evolve more
spiritually so we too, can go throughout the universe and make life.
Jerry: You know many, many governments and some religions, will not accept that.
They will say, “Yeah, they’re telling you that but what they’re wanting to do is make
you their slaves. They’re controlling your life.”
Mr. X: Yeah, I think that the Government will say, “This is our Christiannation and
they’re Satan and it’ll be that whole thing, that whole duality where you choose us
or them.”
Jerry: It appears to me that our Government is not doing us a favor by keeping us in
the dark.
Mr. X: Correct. I agree, 100 percent.
Jerry: And it does appear to me that I’m getting more information these days from
official sources, not high, high up but higher up than before. It’s almost like part of
the Government wants us to know.
Mr. X: Yeah.

Jerry: They feel like you do.
Mr. X: I can see now it’s slowly coming out.
Jerry: 2012 might be wonderful for a lot of people. A lot of people might say, “Hey!
This is the ‘Rapture’.” You know. Some other people will say, “Hey, they’re coming
to get us.” And other people will be saying….I mean, I can see it a very confusing
Mr. X: I would think so too. It’s because of how we’re taught. If we’re taught devout
Christianity or if you’re taught any other religion it’s all looked at differently. It’s all
looked at differently.
Jerry: Did you see anything in the documents you did, about the moon? Us going to
the moon and never going back? Did they act like they had bases up there or
Mr. X: I didn’t see anything, no.
Jerry: Okay. So basically it seems to me that when you really get down to it, the
Government probably doesn’t know a whole lot more than we do. Or do you think
they know a lot more and they just don’t want to tell us.
Mr. X: I would think they know more and they don’t want to tell us, I don’t know if
it’s a lot more. I think there’s enough information out there and enough people.…
Jerry: And what do you think that is, that they know the races of the
extraterrestrials and where they’re from? Is that what we’re talking about?
Mr. X: That and their capabilities are more and that we can have these capabilities
too. They have a lot of technology. The Government has a lot of technology….like,
we don’t need oil right now. There is no reason for us to use oil. We have plenty of
secret projects that have technology way beyond that.
Jerry: Did you ever see any documents on what energy the extraterrestrials used?
Was it a zero plus energy base or something?
Mr. X: Not that I can remember, just that it’s not like anything we have.
Jerry: Well it’s good to hear we don’t need gasoline, at $3.25 and $3.35 a gallon
out here in the desert.
Mr. X: It’s because people want money you know, I think that’s what it’s about
Jerry: It seems to me that maybe the evil should be spread about a little bit more
than just the Government wanting to keep a secret, maybe there’s a lot of corporate
interest here too.
Mr. X: Oh I think so. I think it all has….it’s all tied together.
Jerry: What do you think the answer’s going to be? We only have six years, if your
prediction’s right.
Mr. X: Well yeah, the answer’s going to be.…the big problem is going to be all the
turmoil. People are given the opportunity to learn who they really are and where
they came from and…,
Jerry: In the worst-case scenario, you see huge amounts of death.
Mr. X: Yeah, mass hysteria. Absolutely.
Jerry: Do you see this Earth being shrunk from being from six and a half billion
maybe to the Neocons say, a half a billion.
Mr. X: Yeah. A half to one [billion] I think.
Jerry: So that may happen.
Mr. X: Uh-huh. And different parts of the world will be differently affected. I think
countries like India where they are more spiritual and less….where the religions are
more spiritual and less controlling…. I think they’ll fare better.
Jerry: So the disaster will be controlled, in other words in your mind, the Earth is
probably a fairly good prize and the ETs won’t let us destroy that.
Mr. X: No.
Jerry: We might destroy each other.
Mr. X: Yeah if we destroy each other, they’ll probably just put more beings on the
Earth. And probably different ones.
Jerry: Really? Did you see any discussions about that?
Mr. X: About?
Jerry: Well I mean the Grays seem to think that we’re their creation, one way or the
other, and I don’t want to get into the technical part of it or religion and who created
who, but they think that they had a big part in it.
Mr. X: Yeah, we’re a cross between….they’re the missing link.
Jerry: Did they have documents that said, “Hey, we made a mistake. We should
have done something else here?”
Mr. X: No, because it’s all part of the plan. I think we’re just simply….if we’re not
evolved enough to take care of ourselves and survive, then we destroy ourselves
and they find someplace else or some other beings to cross with them to make
something else.
Jerry: So in summary, you’ve seen documents where actually extraterrestrials exist.
Mr. X: Yes.
Jerry: And lots of saucers and other craft and you haven’t seen any evidence of any
Mr. X: No. Just our shooting at them or pursuing them but nothing shooting back.
Jerry: And you haven’t seen any evidence that they’re going to destroy us, but they
may let us do part of the job.
Mr. X: Yeah.
Jerry: What’s the message? What can we do about it?
Mr. X: I don’t think there’s a whole heck of a lot we can do about it. It’s just.…
Jerry: Just tighten your seat belts and go for the ride?
Mr. X: Yeah, unless more people with information come out and talk. I think it’s
imperative that people that are in the know tell the truth.
Jerry: I appreciate your taking the time to talk to me.
Mr. X: It’s been a pleasure.
Jerry: Okay thank you.

President Regan: Secretly Briefed About UFOs & ET Visitors in 1981

July 8, 2011 3 comments

July 8, 2011

Mufon presentation about the Mar 1981 secret meeting at Camp David, Maryland that involved a mysterious  ‘caretaker of knowledge’,  the CIA and newly elected President Ronald Regan.

Transcript of this recorded historic meeting follows both videos. 



WILLIAM CASEY: Mr President, good morning. As we discussed in February, this briefing contains some very sensational and some very, very classified information. I am not sure, oh, well, I’m not going to make a decision on who you want in the room. That will be your decision, Mr President. This will be a real tough one to follow since the briefing starts back, historically speaking, that is, and runs up to recent times. I believe we have prepared a good chronological order of events. I’m sure you, Mr President, will have many questions.

The list of questions presented to me by ADVISER #2 should all be answered during this briefing. I hope they are, more than anyone, especially you, Mr President, leave this briefing with questions still unanswered. I have asked The Caretaker to conduct this briefing. He is a contract employee of the CIA and is the present custodian of the information. Are we to assume that everyone is present?

PRESIDENT: Well, it will be entirely up to you, Bill. I guess everyone must be cleared for this briefing of information, is that not correct?

WM CASEY: Well, it appears everyone is, but as you will see Mr President, this stuff is pretty high up on the food chain. We call it ATS or “Above Top Secret.” This stuff has its own classification and markings. We have a special container, special printers and copiers for this stuff. Every word of this material is printed on special paper then placed inside special covers. The caretakers have taken special efforts to protect all of this stuff from being released inadvertently or copied by some unauthorized person.

But all of this material is protected by a special group of people. The Caretaker is in charge of protecting this information and all of the other stuff associated with this information. I would prefer that you, Mr President, decide on who you want in this room. Remember, this material is a closely guarded secret. Although the gist of the story has been out there for many years, very little of the ACTUAL TRUTH has ever been released to the public. Oh, yes, well, by some of the renegades maybe, but many of them have been discredited.

PRESIDENT: OK, Bill, I guess we need ADVISER #1, you, ADVISER #3 and Caspar here. I think ADVISER #2 and Michael can leave.

ADVISER #2: Mr President, excuse me, but I would prefer to leave. I don’t wish to know this information. You know, plausible denial or something like that.

MICHAEL DEAVER: Mr President, whatever you wish, I’ll do. It would be an interesting subject, but do I really have a need to know? No, I don’t think so.

PRESIDENT: OK, I guess that is it.

WM CASEY: Thank you, Mr President. I will now turn the briefing over to The Caretaker.

ADVISER #3: Mr President, and Mr Director, I already had this briefing. I can stay or leave. Secretary Weinberger and myself received this a few weeks ago.

SECRETARY WEINBERGER: Mr President, as you know, we have some pending business regarding that Soviet problem in Berlin. I think we might just handle that. ADVISER #3 and I will let you close this meeting to just a few.

PRESIDENT: OK, Casp, I guess you and ADVISER #3 can leave. Thanks for coming.

WM CASEY: OK, Mr President, that certainly narrows the audience. I think this is just right.

PRESIDENT: OK, well, I can’t wait to hear this. Let’s proceed.

The CARETAKER: Good morning, Mr President. First of all, I would like to give you a bit of information on my background. But before that, please, Mr President, if you have questions during this briefing, just interrupt me, sir. I have been employed by the CIA for the past 31 years. I started the caretaking status of this project in 1960. We have a special group of people whom we call “Group 6,” that cares for all this information.

PRESIDENT: Good morning, I hope, well, I believe I will ask questions. Bill briefed me back in January, but I’m not sure … huh … well, was it detailed, no, I don’t think so … huh … OK, well I’m sure Bill didn’t tell me all ’cause we only had about one hour.

WM CASEY: Mr President, I only gave you a quick briefing for the NSDD (National Security Decision Directives) that we want to incorporate into the overall action directives about this subject. ADVISER #3, Caspar and I have details far beyond what I knew before January. The last administration wasn’t too keen on making all of this stuff accessible to us during the briefings in November and December.

PRESIDENT: Well, I knew a little about this subject before. Back in 1970. Nixon had all of the good stuff and wanted to share it with some of his friends. Nixon showed me some papers. Not sure about who authored them, but they … huh … well something about New Mexico and other places. Nixon was pretty … huh … well, you know, fascinated with it. He showed me something, some kind of object or device that came from one of their craft. Something that was taken from the New Mexico crash site. I don’t know if, well … huh … do we know what it was? I don’t think we knew or maybe now, after 11 years, we might know.

The CARETAKER: Mr President, I can answer some of those questions. Do you wish for me to begin?

PRESIDENT: Oh, well, what level is this? I mean, what was it called? I don’t remember what they called this.

WM CASEY: Mr President, codeword. It’s called Top Secret Codeword. This information is beyond Top Secret as I said before. It has its own classification. It is very compartmentalized.

PRESIDENT: Well, I guess just the minimum. Are we recording this?

The CARETAKER: Mr President, no, unless you wish.

WM CASEY: Yes, it is [CIA FEMALE TRANSCRIBER] who is doing that. I think we should. I don’t want to make any mistakes later about this. ADVISER #4 should also stay, since he is one of the caretakers of the information.

PRESIDENT: Well, I don’t want anyone leaking this stuff. Not knowing what we are about to discuss … huh … oh, well, Bill I guess it is your call. ADVISER #4 should stay. I guess he should … huh … oh, OK, well, you make the call, Bill.

WM CASEY: OK, I guess ADVISER #4 will stay. But I think [CIA FEMALE TRANSCRIBER] must stay. I’ll make that call.

PRESIDENT: OK, I guess we can do our business first, give me a few minutes. Let’s get some food first, or snacks. How long will … huh …. oh, about one hour?

The CARETAKER: Mr President, I estimate this will last about one hour, at least the first part of it. This is a very complicated subject to brief. I can do it, but maybe the questions will extend [beyond the first] the time period.

PRESIDENT: OK, I see. Let’s take a break and then reconvene.


The CARETAKER: OK, Mr President, are we ready?

PRESIDENT: Yes, we are, let’s go.

The CARETAKER: Mr President, as was mentioned earlier, I must say, that this briefing has the highest classification within the U.S. government. I will start with a slide presentation. I have most of this briefing on the slides, but I also have an outline that I have passed out to each [person] in attendance.

PRESIDENT: Oh, OK, so are we … can we follow it with the [outline] paper?

The CARETAKER: Yes, Mr President, you can follow the briefing with the outline in front of you.

PRESIDENT: Thank you.

The CARETAKER: The United States of America has been visited by Extraterrestrial Visitors since 1947. We have proof of that. However, we also have some proof that Earth has been visited for many THOUSANDS OF YEARS by various races of Extraterrestrial Visitors. Mr President, I’ll just refer to those visits as ETs. In July, 1947, a remarkable event occurred in New Mexico. During a storm, two ET spacecraft crashed. One crashed southwest of Corona, New Mexico and one crashed near Datil, New Mexico. The U.S. Army eventually found both sites and recovered all of the debris and one live Alien. I’ll refer to this live Alien as “EBE 1.” PRESIDENT: What does that mean? Do we have codes or a special terminology for this?

The CARETAKER: Mr President, EBE means “Extraterrestrial Biological Entity.” It was a code designated to this creature by the U.S. Army back in those days. This creature was not human and we had to decide on a term for it. So, scientists designated the creature as EBE 1. We also referred to it as “Noah.” There was different terminology used by various aspects of the U.S. military and intelligence community back then.

PRESIDENT: Do we or did we have others? The number “1” would seem to indicate we had others.

The CARETAKER: Yes, we had others. Back then, the term was EBE and no number designation. We’ll explain how the others came into our knowledge.

PRESIDENT: OK, sorry, I was just wondering and I guess, well, I’m sure the briefing will cover this. Please continue.

The CARETAKER: All the debris and EBEs recovered from the first crash site were taken to Roswell Army Air Field, Roswell, New Mexico. EBE was treated for some minor injuries and then taken to Los Alamos National Laboratories, which was the safest and most secure location in the world. Special accommodations were made for EBE. The debris was eventually transferred to Dayton, Ohio, home of the Air Force Foreign Technology Division. The second crash site wasn’t discovered until 1949 by some ranchers. There were no live Aliens at this site. All this debris went to Sandia Army Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

PRESIDENT: OK, a question, regarding the first site, how many aliens were in the spaceship?

The CARETAKER: Five (5) dead aliens and one (1) alive. The bodies of the dead aliens were transported to Wright Field in Ohio and kept in a form of deep freeze. They were later transported to Los Alamos where special containers were made to keep the bodies from decaying. There were four (4) dead aliens in the second crash site. Those bodies were in an advanced state of decaying. They had been in the desert for the past two (2) years. Animals and time got to those bodies. The remains were transported to Sandia Base and eventually onto Los Alamos. We determined both crashed spaceships were of similar design and the bodies of the aliens were all identical. They looked exactly the same. They had the same height, weight and physical features. Here are the photographs of the aliens.


PRESIDENT: Can we classify them? I mean can we … well, connect them with anything Earthly?

The CARETAKER: No, Mr President. They don’t have any similar characteristics of a human, with exception of there eyes, ears and a mouth. Their internal body organs are different. Their skin is different, their eyes, ears and even breathing is different. Their blood wasn’t red and their brain was entirely different from human. We could not classify any part of the Aliens with humans. They had blood and skin, although considerably different than human skin. Their eyes had two different eyelids. Probably because their home planet was very bright.

PRESIDENT: Maybe I’m getting ahead, but do we know where they came from? Mars, our system or where?

The CARETAKER: Yes, Mr President, we do know where they come from. I can go into this now, or I can wait until it comes up in the briefing.

PRESIDENT: No, no, please, continue. I can wait.

The CARETAKER: Thank you, Mr President. EBE stayed alive until 1952 when it died. We learned a great deal from EBE. Although EBE did not have voice organs like humans, it was able to communicate with an operation performed by military doctors. EBE was extremely intelligent. It learned English quickly, mainly by listening to the military personnel who were responsible for EBE’s safety and care.

EBE was housed in a special area at Los Alamos and Sandia Base. Although many different military doctors, scientists and a select number of civilians studied EBE, it never became upset or angry. EBE helped us learn from all the items found in the two crash sites. EBE showed us how some of the items worked, such as a communications device. It also showed us how various other devices worked.

PRESIDENT: Excuse me, but you are referring to this creature as an IT. Did it have a gender?

The CARETAKER:  I’m sorry Mr President, but yes, it was male. Within EBE’s race they had males and females.

PRESIDENT: OK, thank you. Please continue.

The CARETAKER: T hank you, Mr President. EBE died of what military doctors considered natural causes. I don’t think we could really state exactly why EBE died. Although we had five (5) years to study EBE, we didn’t have any standards to compare EBE’s body with standard medical observations. It was difficult to lose EBE, since it was the most interesting thing we as humans could receive and study. A visitor from another planet … ANOTHER WORLD. EBE did explain where he lives in the universe. We call this star system Zeta Reticuli, which is about 40 light-years [38.42] from Earth. EBE’s planet was within this star system. 

PRESIDENT: OK, where is this in comparison to something we all know?

The CARETAKER: Well, Mr President, our closet star is four light-years away. I can show you the constellation it is in.

[Alpha Centauri, a yellow star, is the brightest star in the constellation Centaurus, 4.3 light-years away]

PRESIDENT: No, I wouldn’t know much about astronomy. I just thought I could understand the distance. How long did it take this spaceship to get here?

The CARETAKER: Well, Mr President, I can tell you now or we can discuss that in another briefing. As Mr Casey said, this is a complicated subject because there are many levels of compartmentalization. This briefing is just the basic information about a visit to our planet by one particular alien race.

PRESIDENT: Well … huh … what, am I to understand … this isn’t a full briefing?

WM CASEY: Mr President, we have different levels of stuff. If we mix it up, I don’t think it will make sense, nor will we have time this morning. I understand you have a busy schedule today.

PRESIDENT: As the President of the United States, I should know EVERYTHING, right, or shouldn’t I? If I am to assume this was a briefing of substance, then I should hear ALL of it. I think this is more important than some other things on my daily calendar. But maybe I’m jumping the gun. If there are some things I shouldn’t know, please tell me.

WM CASEY: No, no, Mr President, I didn’t mean you shouldn’t know this stuff. I simply meant we should proceed in an orderly fashion as to the briefing. But it is up to you. We will not hold anything back.

PRESIDENT: ADVISER #1, what do you think? Do you know about all this?

ADVISER #1: Mr President, yes, I was briefed many times on this subject matter. As Director Casey stated, this is a very, very complicated subject. I think it took me about one year to be fully briefed into all aspects of this matter. There are different areas. The initial crash, an investigative period, some attempt at contact, A DISINFORMATION OPERATION to protect this matter and several other levels.

PRESIDENT: Oh, wow, I didn’t realize how complicated this was. I’m new at [all of] this. I have a great responsibility to the citizens of this nation to make decisions based on accurate information presented by my advisers … YOU, ALL of you. I won’t interfere in your presentation of this information. So, I guess, we’ll proceed in the order you have chosen. I’m sorry for interrupting in this presentation, but as a person who is interested beyond belief in this, I’ll just shut up and wait to ask questions.

WM CASEY: Mr President. No, no, please ask any questions you wish. You are the President. We are not here to argue with you over the order of this briefing. But some things are SO HIGHLY CLASSIFIED that THIS BRIEFING IS THE LOWEST LEVEL. If you ask a question that is in a different level, then we will have to re-evaluate the audience.

ADVISER #1: Mr President. Everything we know about Alien visitation to Earth is contained in 16 (sixteen) volumes of binders. These binders contain thousands of pages. We can give you anything you wish but, as Director Casey said, we must evaluate the clearances of each person listening to our responses.

PRESIDENT: OK, I now understand. Give me whatever you want and I’ll continue to ask questions. But if you need me to wait on an answer, just tell me.

WM CASEY: OK, Mr President we will do that. I still don’t know the entire story. I have read one tenth of one binder and have hundreds of questions.

PRESIDENT: OK, let’s continue.

The CARETAKER: Mr President, thank you for those responses. I will answer any question, if I can. But if the question is above this level, then Director Casey will have to make that decision for me.

PRESIDENT: I fully understand, please continue.

The CARETAKER: It took the EBE spaceship nine (9) of our months to travel the 40 [38.42] light-years. Now, as you can see, that would mean the EBE spaceship traveled faster than the speed of light. But, this is where it gets really technical. Their spaceships can travel through a form of “space tunnels” that gets them from point “A” to point “B” faster without having to travel at the speed of light. I cannot fully understand how they travel, but we have many top scientists who can understand their concept.

PRESIDENT: Well, I certainly couldn’t understand the science in that. Is it a black hole?

The CARETAKER: Mr President, something like that, but much more complicated.

PRESIDENT: Do they get here … no never mind, please continue. [unintelligible]

WM CASEY: Mr President, I can assure we know how they do it, but we can’t do it.

PRESIDENT: OK. (several speaking at once)

The CARETAKER: As to some history. The original project, started back in 1947, was called “Project GLEEM.” This project contained volumes of documented information collected from the beginning of our investigation of UFOs and Identified Alien Craft, or “IAC.” The project was originally established in the early ’50s by, first President Truman and then by order of President Eisenhower, under control of the National Security Council. President Truman established a group of people to handle this project. The group was called Majority 12 or “MJ-12.”

In 1966, the project’s name was changed to “Aquarius.” The project was funded by confidential [“black world”] funds appropriated within the intelligence community’s budget. The recovery of these alien spacecraft led the United States on an extensive investigative program to determine whether these aliens posed a direct threat to our National Security. As you might remember, Mr President, our country openly investigated UFO sightings under projects Grudge, Sign and finally Blue Book.

The original mission of the Air Force program was to collect and analyze all reported sightings and incidents involving UFOs and then determine whether the information could be interpreted as having any bearing on the national security of the United States. Some information was evaluated with the idea of using the gained data to advance our own space technology and future space programs.

About 90% of the estimated 12,000 reports analyzed by the Air Force under Blue Book were considered hoaxes, explained aerial phenomena or astronomical objects. The other 10% were considered legitimate alien sightings and/or incidents. However, not all UFO sightings or incidents were reported under the Air Force programs of Grudge, Sign and Blue Book.

In 1953, Project Gleem initiated its own investigative detail and certain sightings were reported directly under Gleem rather than one of the other projects. Project Gleem, which became “Project AQUARIUS” in 1966, was a parallel reporting system for UFO sightings and incidents.

Reports collected under Project Aquarius were considered actual sightings of alien spacecraft or actual contacts with alien life forms. We recovered two alien spacecraft from New Mexico. Both were heavily damaged, but we were able to examine them. The two craft were considered technological marvels by our scientists. However, the operating instrumentation was so advanced that our scientists could not decipher it. The two craft were stored in a special security location in the West. We gained a large volume of technological data from these craft.

Several independent scientific investigations, at the request of the Air Force and CIA were initiated during the era of  “Project Blue Book.”  MJ-12  decided that officially the Air Force should end their investigation of UFO sightings. This decision was arrived at during the NPNN meeting in 1966. The reason was two fold. First, the United States had established communications with the aliens.

PRESIDENT: Hold on, OK … well, Bill, no … never mind, please continue.

WM CASEY: Mr President, the communications project is of a higher level. I recommend we continue on this course and then switch to the next, if we have time.

PRESIDENT: OK, you’re steering the boat, Bill.

The CARETAKER: The United States felt relatively sure the aliens’ exploration of Earth was non-aggressive and non-hostile. It was also established that the aliens’ presence did not directly threaten the security of the United States. Secondly, the public was beginning to believe that UFOs were real. The NSC felt this public feeling could lead to a nationwide panic if we disclosed everything we knew about UFOs and alien visitation. We were involved in one major operation during this time frame that involved our alien visitors. That operation is of a higher level and it will be up to Director Casey to proceed now or wait until later.

WM CASEY: We’ll wait on that part of it. I haven’t been fully briefed and I would like to be able to know everything about that program before trying to brief the President.

ADVISER #1: I agree with Director Casey. That part of the program is really complicated and will require a full day to brief.

PRESIDENT: OK, as I said before, Bill’s the captain of this ship.

The CARETAKER: It was felt that public awareness of these projects would have jeopardized the future space program of the United States. Releasing our secrets about UFOs and alien visitation would also cause a PANIC AMONG RELIGIOUS LEADERS around the world. Therefore, MJ-12 decided that an independent scientific study of the UFO phenomena would be needed to satisfy the public curiosity.

The final official study of the UFO phenomena was accomplished by the University of Colorado under an air force contract. The study concluded that sufficient data did not exist that would indicate that UFOs threatened the security of the United States. The final conclusion satisfied the Government and allowed the Air Force to officially step out of the UFO investigating business.

When the Air Force officially closed “Blue Book” in December 1969, Project Aquarius continued operation under control of NSC/MJ-12. The NSC felt investigation of UFO sightings and incidents had to continue in secrecy without any public knowledge. The reasoning behind the decision was this: If the Air Force continued its investigation of UFOs, eventually some non-cleared and non-briefed Air Force or DOD civilian officials would obtain the facts behind Project Aquarius.

Obviously, for operational security reasons, this could not be allowed. In order to continue the investigation of UFO sightings and incidents in secrecy, investigators from CIA/DCE and MJ-12 were assigned to military investigative units with orders to investigate all legitimate UFO/IAC sightings and incidents. These agents are presently operating at various locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. All reports are filtered either directly or indirectly to MJ-12. These agents are collecting reports of UFO/IAC sightings and incidents occurring on or near sensitive governmental installations.

Many reported sightings and incidents have occurred over nuclear weapons bases. The aliens’ interest in our nuclear weapons can only be attributed to the future threat of a nuclear war on Earth that could affect space. The Air Force has initiated measures to assure the security of the nuclear weapons from alien theft or destruction. MJ-12 feels confident that the aliens are on an exploration of our solar system for peaceful purposes. However, we do have information and that is at another level, that more than one alien species are visiting Earth.

PRESIDENT: Well, that is a lot to digest. I have written down many questions. But let’s take a break and come back to this.


PRESIDENT: I think we can continue now.

The CARETAKER: Thank you, Mr President. I will continue. In the 1976 MJ-12 report, it was estimated that the aliens’ technology was many thousands of years ahead of ours. Our scientists speculated that until our technology develops to a level equal to the aliens, we cannot understand the large volume of scientific information we have gained from the aliens’ craft. This advancement of our technology may take many hundreds of years.

During our initial program to study the alien’s spaceship, we started many different projects. The first project, originally established in 1949, was to collect and evaluate medical information from the surviving alien creature — EBE 1 and the recovered alien bodies. This project medically examined EBE 1 and provided our medical researchers with many answers to the evolution theories.

The next project originally established as part of Project Gleem in 1954 became a separate project in 1966. Its mission was to establish communication with aliens. This project met with positive success and will be discussed later under a different level. Two other projects involved the test flying of an alien ship and the cross technology between our space program and the information we obtained from EBE 1.

WM CASEY: Now, Mr President, we can move on to questions or a different level. Which do you prefer?

PRESIDENT: Well, I have a lot of questions, so let me ask a few and then we can move on. I guess the first question I have is their life span. How old is EBE 1?

The CARETAKER: Mr President, the alien civilization that EBE came from [is what] we call the Eben Society. It wasn’t a name they gave us; it was a name we chose. Their life span is between 350-400 years, but that is Earth years.

PRESIDENT: Is time the same on their planet as on ours?

The CARETAKER: No, Mr President, time is very different on the Eben Planet, which, by the way, we call SERPO. Their day is approximately 40 hours. That is measured by the movement of their two (2) suns. The solar system containing SERPO is a binary star system, or two suns, rather than one, like our solar system.

PRESIDENT: Oh, well, your answer creates more questions. OK, as I understand it, their planet has two suns. Wouldn’t that mean the planet was hot? I guess that explains their eyes, having two eyelids.

The CARETAKER: Yes, Mr President. Their suns do not set, like ours. There is daylight during their entire day, with the exception of a short time period where both suns hit the horizon.

PRESIDENT: What is life like on Serpico?

The CARETAKER: Mr President, it is called SERPO, spelled S-E-R-P-O. I think that will have to be given in a different level of briefings. Mr Director….

WM CASEY: Yes, Mr President, I think we are getting way ahead of ourselves. We have all that information about the visitor’s planet, but we would have to present that information in a different briefing.

PRESIDENT: OK, all these levels. Something, I guess, I’ll have to … well, I’ll have to get used to it. Does all classified information have these different levels?

WM CASEY: It is similar to the SIOP briefing you were given in January. We have different levels of clearances and….

PRESIDENT: No, I understand all that, Bill. I fully understand the different levels of clearances. I mean, what about the Soviets? What about the spy operations we have in Russia, comparing the two, this alien information to that, are they on the same level?

WM CASEY: No, Mr President. This information would be considered at the very top, whereas our spying operation inside Russia would be considered at a parallel level, but not the same.

PRESIDENT: Like apples and oranges, OK, I see. I guess this is more that can be explained in one sitting. What about the travel from SERPO to Earth?

The CARETAKER: Well, Mr President, the distance from Earth to SERPO is about 40 light-years. They can travel that in about nine (9) of our months. I am no scientist, but as I mentioned earlier, they can travel that great distance by means of space tunnels. They seem to be able to bend the distance from one point in space to another. Just how they do this, must be explained scientifically.

PRESIDENT: OK, well, very interesting. Are the laws of physics on their planet the same as our planet?

The CARETAKER: Not exactly. There seem to be a little different laws, especially when it comes to the movement of their planet in relationship to their two suns. Our scientists don’t understand it because it defies some of our laws of physics.

PRESIDENT: Do they use nuclear power, or what type of power do they have in those ships?

The CARETAKER: Mr President, we understand very little about their propulsion system. There seem to be two different propulsion systems. One they use within our atmosphere and one they use once they exit our atmosphere. They do not have nuclear power. Their propulsion system does have some type of low level radiation emissions, but nothing that would endanger us. It isn’t like our radiation, but we call it radiation because we have nothing else to compare it with.

PRESIDENT: Have these aliens visited other places on earth?

The CARETAKER: Again, Mr President, that would be in a different level of discussion.

PRESIDENT: I’m getting tired of hearing that answer, but I understand.

WM CASEY: Mr President, the Soviet Union has had their contacts with these aliens. We have a great deal of intelligence that would indicate the Soviets had their “Roswell,” so to speak. What they know is about the same as we know. They had some bodies back in the late ’50s, but our intelligence would indicate the species of aliens were different.

PRESIDENT: OK, well, then Bill, that presents a very disturbing feeling for me. Are you telling me there are different races or species, as you said, visiting Earth at the same time?

WM CASEY: CARETAKER, take that question.

The CARETAKER: Yes, Mr President, but I hesitate to state the reason. We should have that discussion in a different meeting.

PRESIDENT: Just answer the simple question of how many different species, don’t go into details, since I’m sure it is at “a different level,” as I’ve been hearing ALL morning!

The CARETAKER: I am sorry Mr President if I upset you….

PRESIDENT: No, no, Caretaker, don’t feel that way. I am not upset. No, you are all of my advisers. As President, I must listen to YOU and take YOUR advice. I am NOT upset. I’m sorry for giving you that impression. Can you tell me how many different species have visited us?

The CARETAKER: Mr Director?

WM CASEY: Go ahead, Caretaker, answer the President’s question.

The CARETAKER: At least five (5).

PRESIDENT: Are they all friendly?

The CARETAKER: Mr Director?

WM CASEY: Adviser #1, would you like to step in here?

ADVISER #1: Mr President, that is a very difficult question to answer. There are many parameters that we follow to evaluate the threat. However, we have little intelligence on four (4) of the five (5). We have plenty of intel on the Ebens … gee … they’ve given us everything we asked for! They have also helped us to understand the other four (4) species. I’m afraid to say, Mr President and please don’t misunderstand my words, but we think ONE OF THE SPECIES IS VERY HOSTILE. WM CASEY: Mr President, do you wish for us to continue on this track or would you like something more private, as to the discussion of this topic?

PRESIDENT: For Christ sakes, I’m the President of the United States. I should know if we are endangered by some THREAT FROM OUTER SPACE. If you have something to say about a threat posed by this one species of aliens, then I WANT TO HEAR IT.

WM CASEY: Mr President, we have intelligence that would indicate this one (1) species of aliens have ABDUCTED PEOPLE FROM EARTH. They have performed scientific and medical tests on these humans. To the best of our knowledge, NO humans have been killed. But, as ADVISER #1 stated, the intelligence is from witnesses and we haven’t thoroughly evaluated this intelligence.

We have captured one of these hostile aliens. This gets into some very, very sensitive areas, Mr President. I strongly suggest we end this discussion and move on to any further questions you might have and then get back to this. I don’t think we are prepared to provide you with accurate answers to your questions about the potentially hostile aliens at this time.

PRESIDENT: OK, but expect this to be given to me as soon as possible. I want to KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THESE HOSTILE CREATURES so I …. or I mean we should start forming policies on how to deal with them. Adviser #1, do we have OPERATIONAL WAR PLANS on this?

ADVISER #1: Yes, Mr President, we have war plans on ALL potential threats to our country.

PRESIDENT: Please, let us not forget the world. If these creatures attack some other country, we would have to help.

ADVISER #1: Mr President, we have absolutely NO evidence that this particular alien race has any plans to attack the United States of America or planet Earth.

PRESIDENT: I guess we really got off the original subject. But I want to know of any threats. DON’T HIDE ANYTHING FROM ME! Is that understood?

WM CASEY: Yes, Sir.

ADVISER #1: Yes, Sir, Mr President. We will NEVER hide any information about a potential threat to our country or the world. You receive daily intel briefings and you will continue to and we can update that briefing with any potential threat from this area.

PRESIDENT: OK, let us continue. How many other presidents received this briefing?

The CARETAKER: Mr President, I have briefed President Nixon, Ford and you. President Carter was never given the entire briefing. I have no answer as to why he wasn’t given the briefing.

PRESIDENT: Well, knowing that guy, he probably couldn’t understand it being from Georgia! But that is just a dry joke…. (laughter heard in room)

ADVISER #1: Mr President, I can give you some details of an incident that occurred inside the Soviet Union in 1970.

WM CASEY: Do we want to go there?

ADVISER #4: May I say something, Mr Director?

WM CASEY: Go ahead, ADVISER #4, step in.

ADVISER #4: I think this particular incident inside the Soviet Union will give the President an example of what the world has and will experience in the future. There is no way we can control visitors from outer space from traveling to Earth and visiting our planet. Some astronomers find it difficult to believe that these aliens can find Earth. We are on the outer reaches of our galaxy. Our sun is one of hundreds of thousands of such stars within our galactic neighborhood. But the Ebens found us, they found Earth. And we are not the only country on Earth that has been visited by the Ebens.

Now, as for the other four (4) species. We know they have visited us in the past and will visit us in the future. We are like a petri dish within the universe. We are a diverse planet. We must be very interesting to other extraterrestrials. I’m SURE other intelligent life forms in the universe must have some sort of communications among the [sentient] life forms. Maybe they broadcasted that Earth has intelligent life. Maybe that is why we are [being] visited.

Getting back to ADVISER #1, regarding the incident inside the Soviet Union, Mr President, there are many such sightings all over the world. We must understand that the visitors can roam our planet at will without us doing much about it. However, I personally believe that we must prepare for the EVENTUAL DAY WHEN SOME HOSTILE LIFE FORM DECIDES TO TAKE OVER OUR PLANET. We must be prepared. I hope you understand why I said what I said, Mr President.

PRESIDENT: Yes, indeed, ADVISER #4, very well said. I agree with you. I guess all of those sightings … well, some of them are real …. I mean, we are being visited, today, now, in this time period.

WM CASEY: Yes, Mr President, we are.

PRESIDENT: OK, ADVISER #1, please continue, we cut you off.

ADVISER #1: OK, thanks, Mr President. As I was saying, actually a series of incidents occurred over about a week. Our intelligence gathering stations inside and outside of the Soviet Union picked up voice transmissions between Soviet Air Defense pilots and ground controllers regarding a number of UFOs which were being chased by Soviet pilots. The incident started in central Siberia and ended over the Black Sea.

Literally thousands of Soviets observed the UFOs and at least 20 different fighter pilots chased the UFOs. The Soviets attempted on two occasions to shoot down the UFOs, but to no avail. That is probably the best evidence that these things are happening over the Soviet Union. We think these UFOs were the hostile ones. We call them hostile because they tend to land, take humans, conduct experiments on them and then release the humans. Their spacecraft are different in design than the Ebens.

PRESIDENT: Wait one minute, ADVISER #1, you mean to say that we have one of their spaceships? Or are you telling me we have some other evidence of their spaceships?

ADVISER #1: Mr President, we have photographs of their ships. This gets a little complicated because some of our intelligence comes from the Ebens.

PRESIDENT: You mean from the EBE guy?

ADVISER #1: Yes, but from other sources of information connected to the Ebens.

WM CASEY: Mr President, we’ll have to go to those dreaded words you don’t like … higher levels if you wish.

PRESIDENT: No, well, no … oh … OK … just give me this briefing first. We can schedule the higher level ones later.

ADVISER #1: Simply speaking, we know the difference between the Eben spacecraft and the hostile aliens’ spacecraft.

PRESIDENT: Do you have a … huh … name for them, I mean the bad ones?

The CARETAKER: May I interrupt, Mr President?

WM CASEY: Wait, OK, I guess we can proceed.

PRESIDENT: Well, huh. (Too many speaking at once; several conversations not understood.)

? (Not understood) ?

The CARETAKER: OK…. (Several sentences said, but not understood.)

WM CASEY: Yes, go ahead, CARETAKER.

PRESIDENT: No, I didn’t mean to interrupt.

The CARETAKER: Thank you, Mr President. We call the hostile aliens simply that, HAV, meaning Hostile Alien Visitors. MJ-12 placed that code on them back in the ’50s.

WM CASEY: OK, we opened the box so let’s just tell the president what we know about the others.

ADVISER #1: The names? What? (Several sentences not understood.) OK, well, technical? Or what?

WM CASEY: (Not understood), well, (not understood), OK, I guess it means the technical stuff.

PRESIDENT: You mean to say, these H-A-Vs have been visiting us and kidnapping our people since the ’50s?

The CARETAKER: Mr President, yes, well, they have been around since then, Director Casey….

WM CASEY: Mr President, we have some indication that they might have been doing this for some time. But we really have to consider all of the evidence, listed in our reports, and compare that to some of the open source information. There are always humans that will exaggerate and just tell lies, compared to the real ones or the ones who were abducted and subjected to experiments. We have to sort through the differences and place some aside and look at the real evidence of abductions. But we can be sure that the Ebens have NEVER done this. They are extremely peaceful and would not harm a living soul, including animals.

ADVISER #1: I suggest we go ahead and give the President the information on them.

ADVISER #4: I agree.

WM CASEY: OK, give the President the names, CARETAKER.

The CARETAKER: Names, the technical names?

WM CASEY: Yes, OK, (not understood) well about the (not understood) I can live with that, but we have to be real sure that this information stays HERE. We cannot allow this to flow (not understood) from (not understood).

The CARETAKER: OK, thank you. Mr President, the five (5) species are called, Ebens, Archquloids, Quadloids, Heplaloids and Trantaloids. These names were given to the alien’s species by the intelligence community, specifically MJ-5. The Ebens are friendly; the Trantaloids are the dangerous ones.

PRESIDENT: My God, just knowing we have names for these things are amazing. Which one did we capture?

WM CASEY: Mr President, we have a Trantaloid, but it is dead. We captured it in 1961 in Canada and we had it in captivity until 1962, when it died. We’ll show you a photograph … CARETAKER?

The CARETAKER: Director, I don’t have one with me. But, I will get one couriered over to us.

WM CASEY: Mr President, we can provide that during our next meeting regarding this subject.


WM CASEY: (not understood) … the part of the story where (not understood), but we can look back.

PRESIDENT: OK, let’s continue.

The CARETAKER: Mr President, getting back to my presentation, all of our collected information is safely contained in a number of locations.

PRESIDENT: Don’t tell me where, I don’t want to know specific locations. I’ll let or leave that up to you and the caretakers of the material. I don’t want to be in a position or know this … maybe I will later.

The CARETAKER: OK, Mr President, I’ll keep this in general terms. I just want to assure you that all of the information is safely tucked away at secure locations, including the devices and flying craft that we have.

PRESIDENT: May I assume one of these places is located in California?

The CARETAKER: Some of the items are tested at Livermore and flown around Edwards, but they are kept in Nevada.

PRESIDENT: OK, yes, I think I was briefed on sensitive military installations back in February … west of Las Vegas, I guess.

The CARETAKER: Yes, Mr President. We call it the Groom Lake Complex.

PRESIDENT: OK, I was told about that. The same place we have Soviet fighter jets?

The CARETAKER: Yes, Mr President, the same place. May I continue?

PRESIDENT: Yes, by all means, do.

The CARETAKER: In order to protect all this information and the fact that the United States Government has evidence of our planet being visited by Extraterrestrials, we developed over the years a very effective program to safeguard the information. We call it “Project DOVE.” It is a complex series of [disinformation] operations by our military intelligence agencies to disinform the public. As you know, Mr President, we have some highly classified aircraft.

In order to keep these aircraft secret, we tend to convince, at times, the public and press that maybe UFOs are real in order to make the public THINK what they are seeing are actually UFOs instead of OUR own secret aircraft even though we know maybe some of the sightings are of actual UFOs. As I said before, this is complicated, but it is a form of counterintelligence. We give the public some actual facts and let them run with it.

The rest is taken care of by them. If you consider the FIRST PERSON who helped us with this disinformation program, Mr GEORGE ADAMSKI, back in the early ’50s, and up to all of the movie productions of UFO-related movies. This helps the public to keep their minds open, but also allows us to keep our secret aircraft away from the public’s knowledge. That includes some of the craft that were lent to us by the Ebens.

PRESIDENT: I always knew there was some form of cooperation between our government and the motion picture industry. I heard rumors over the years … even during my acting days.

The CARETAKER: Well, Mr President, the first cooperative venture was the movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” That was a cooperative venture with the United States Air Force and the movie industry.

PRESIDENT: That movie, “Close Encounters,” was that one of them? I guess no “Bonzo” movies were involved. (Loud laughter heard.)

WM CASEY: No (laughing), Mr President, I don’t think or should I say, I didn’t think Bonzo came from outer space! (more laughter)

[RONALD REAGAN played the character Professor Peter Boyd in the Sept 1951 movie, “Bedtime for Bonzo” where a chimpanzee named Bonzo was his costar. ]

PRESIDENT: No, but some people could imagine it!

The CARETAKER: Yes, Mr President, we provided the basic subject matter for that movie.

PRESIDENT: Was it based on a real incident?

WM CASEY: Mr President….

PRESIDENT: OK, Bill, I know what’s coming, just forget my question for now.


The CARETAKER: Thank you, Mr President. In 1949, President Truman created two (2) secret commissions. These commissions were to meet privately without recording any contents. The commissions were code named “Adam” and “Eve.” The first commission, Adam, was to study the idea of releasing some information to the public regarding our actual knowledge of UFOs and the two (2) crash incidents.

The findings of the Adam commission consisted of the following statement: “In this matter, public opinion must be recognized as a factor of considerable importance, even if clearly affirmative might have the effect of placing before the American people a moral question of vital historical significance at a time when the full security impact of the question had not become apparent. If this decision is to be made by the American people, it should be made in the circumstances of an actual disclosure of the existence of space beings who had visited Earth. In other words, the American public might hesitate to believe the existence of space beings unless the American Government showed proof.”

This was an actual quote from the classified document dated 1 December 1949. The second commission, “Eve,” concerned the use of atom bombs to repel a space alien attack. What’s interesting in this statement was the decision by President Truman to proceed at a record pace on the production of atomic weapons that could be released in space. The commission predicted it would take the United States 10 years to develop such a delivery system. President Truman wanted it developed in five (5) years.

In fact, in 1959, the first Atlas ICBMs were targeted for deep space. SIOP plans were developed to counter any space-based alien invasion. Mr David Lilienthal, the first atomic energy commission chairman, was in charge of the production of enough atomic weapons to counter any anticipated alien threat. The commission was tasked with developing a delivery system that could send a Mark 3 atomic weapon into space.

In the 1948-1949 time frames, there were fewer than 50 atomic bombs in the arsenal and none of these were assembled. The Mark 3 plutonium bombs, like the one dropped at Nagasaki, Japan, took 39 men more that two days to assemble the bomb. The bombs were so large and heavy each weighed 10,000 pounds, and that a delivery system must be capable of sending this heavy weapon into space. As a result of Eve’s commission findings, atomic weapons production was increased at a record pace.

Of course, this build-up coincided with the Soviet Union’s build-up. It was easy to convince the American public that our build-up was caused by the Soviet Union’s build-up. Mr President, in 1964, we were able to have our very first controlled encounter with the Ebens. Let me first give you the background. EBE was a mechanic, not a scientist. He was still able to teach us some of the Eben language. Their language was very difficult for our linguists to learn because it consisted of tones, not words.

However, we were able to translate some basic words. EBE showed us their communications device. It was a strange looking device that had three (3) parts. Once assembled, the device sent out signals, something like our Morse code system, although there was a problem. During the crash in 1947, one part of this communication system was broken. EBE was unable to repair it until our scientists found some items that could be used in place of the broken parts. Once the communication device was repaired, EBE sent our messages. We had to trust EBE as to the contents of those messages.

You can imagine what some of our military commanders thought of this. EBE could be sending out a distress call that could result in some invasion. But that, of course, never happened. EBE continued to send messages until his death. But once he died, then we were on our own. We were able to crudely operate the device. We sent several messages out over a six (6) month period (1953). But we did not receive any return messages.

PRESIDENT: Excuse me, did EBE receive any return messages?

The CARETAKER: Getting back to the messages, Mr President, EBE sent out six (6) messages. One letting his home planet know that he was alive and his comrades were dead, another explaining the two crashes, the third was a request to be rescued, the fourth was a message suggesting a meeting between his leaders and our leaders. The last message suggested some form of an EXCHANGE program.

WM CASEY: Mr President, we’ll go into that later.

PRESIDENT: (not understood) … what … the exchange program?

WM CASEY: Yes, Mr President. We can give you another couple of hours on that subject.

PRESIDENT: We had one?

WM CASEY: Can I speak to you privately, please, Mr President?

PRESIDENT: OK, yes … you mean now? (not understood)

WM CASEY: Well, let us put this one on the back burner and go on with the remainder of this briefing.


The CARETAKER: Mr President, we don’t think he did, but we could not be entirely certain. But, our scientists fine-tuned our efforts over the next 18 months and finally sent two (2) messages in 1955 that were received. We received a reply. We were able to translate about 30 percent of the message. We turned to several linguist specialists from several different universities and even several from foreign universities. Finally, we were able to translate most of the messages. We decided to reply in English and see if the Ebens could translate our language easier than we could theirs.

PRESIDENT: What did the messages say? The one we received from the Ebens? So, I guess they didn’t get the messages sent by EBE? Or did it take that long to respond? Oh, yes, EBE died before we got those messages, never mind.

The CARETAKER: Mr President, the first message we received acknowledged our message and asked questions about the crew of the two missing craft. It also gave a series of numbers that we think were some type of coordinates.

PRESIDENT: OK, so they wanted to know the coordinates of the crash sites on Earth? I’m sure they wanted to know about their crew. Did we tell them all but one was dead? No, wait; I’m sure when EBE sent his messages that is probably the first thing he sent. Was EBE a military person or what?

The CARETAKER: Mr President, we believe EBE was a member of their air force or maybe something like NASA.

PRESIDENT: OK, please continue.

The CARETAKER: Thank you, Mr President. Finally we were able to translate most of the messages. As I said, we decided to respond in English. Approximately four months later, we received a reply in broken English. Sentences contained nouns and adjectives, but no verbs. It took us several months to translate the message. We then sent Eben our typed English lessons in a series of one sheet formats.

Without going into the technical description of the Eben communications device, it was like a television screen and a key pad, but the pad contained several different Eben characters depending on the number of times you held down one key. We were able to transpose our English-typed words into the second part of the device, which was similar to our facsimile transmission system. It took our scientists some time to perfect this, but it worked. Six months later, we received another English message. This time it was clearer, but not clear enough. Ebens were confusing several different English words and still failed to complete a proper sentence.

PRESIDENT: Gee, I do that all of the time (sounds of laughter). I just cannot imagine how an alien race could view our language. We have thousands of different languages on Earth and they probably have just one on their SERPO planet. That is truly amazing.

The CARETAKER: Yes, Mr President, I cannot imagine living on a planet with just one language. But we were able to provide the basic skill level for them to communicate in English. It took time, but they realized our efforts. In one message, they provided us with a form of the Eben alphabet with the equivalent English letter. Our linguists had a very difficult time figuring this out. The written Eben language was simple characters and symbols, but our linguists had a difficult time comparing the two written languages.

Over the next five (5) years, we were able to perfect our understanding of the Eben language somewhat and the Ebens were able to better understand English. However, we had a major problem. Trying to coordinate a date, time and location for an Eben landing on Earth. Even though we could basically understand some Eben and the Ebens could understand some English, we could not understand their time and date system and they could not understand ours. We sent them our Earth’s rotation schedule, revolution, date system, etc.

For some reason the Eben’s never understood this. In return, the Ebens sent us their system, which was difficult for our scientists to understand because we had no reference to their planet. The Ebens did not explain any astronomical date of SERPO or their system. We then decided to just send pictures showing Earth, landmarks and a simple numbering system for time periods. We had many problems trying to send pictures using their facsimile system. We couldn’t be sure they were receiving what we sent.

We had a lot of trial and errors in doing this. We received back some strange messages from the Ebens, basically big question marks regarding what we sent them as to the pictures. We then decided on narrowing any future landing location for them to the location of their crash in New Mexico. We concluded they must have that location. We are sure EBE sent that to his home planet prior to his death. We did find some star charts … well … as we call them, in both crashed spacecraft.

They were difficult to understand because they were on a block that we later figured out went into a certain panel on the crashed craft’s instruments. Once the panel was in place, the board showed a star system. In fact, we were able to fit all the found boards into the panel and view many different star systems. We then put to work our astronomers in deciphering the star systems. It didn’t take them very long to determine the various star systems. We also found several strange spots on the star charts.

We concluded these spots were where the travel space tunnels that EBE described were located. Our astronomers compared the different star charts and found that they were not consecutive. Meaning that one star chart was from one part of the universe and the next was a chart closer to their home system. Our scientists concluded the spots on the chart were a form of short cuts from one point of space to another. Some of our top astronomers were briefed into the program in order to study the charts. I’m sure they were given only the minimum amount of information they needed, something like a need-to-know program.

PRESIDENT: OK, that is a lot to absorb. Wow, well, I have many questions, but I guess I’ll just wait now. I have something to attend to now. But let us take a short break and come back to this.

WM CASEY: Mr President, how much time do you have left?

PRESIDENT: Well, Bill, let me check. (Long pause). I need to call some people on another matter. Give me about 15 minutes. Is that OK?

WM CASEY: Yes, Mr President, we are here at your disposal.

PRESIDENT: I have listened intently to this briefing. I have many questions, which I realize traverses several different layers of secrecy. I don’t want to mix up the different layers. But I can see how government bureaucracy exists. That is one thing I can probably change as President! Bill, let’s go to the next layer.

WM CASEY: Mr President, do you want the same people involved?

PRESIDENT: Yes, let’s just continue.


The CARETAKER: Thank you. When EBE was alive, he showed us two devices. One was a communication system and one was an energy device. The communication system did not work without the energy device. Eventually, a scientist from Los Alamos figured out the two systems and connected them. After EBE died, we were able to send transmissions, as I said earlier. EBE built up a strong friendship with a U.S. Army Major, who was his guardian.

The two of them decided that one of Eben’s first messages (of the five sent) was a request for an exchange program between the Ebens and our military personnel. Remember I mentioned six (6) messages. The sixth consisted of landing coordinates for Earth. That information wasn’t clearly documented back then. We are not sure of the exact chain of events between EBE and the Major. As I said earlier, we were able to eventually communicate with the Ebens.

Over a period of a few years, we could send and receive information. We finally received a startling message from the Ebens. They wanted to visit Earth, retrieve their spacemen bodies and meet with Earthlings. They provided a time, date and location. We figure that the Ebens were continually visiting Earth and had probably mapped it. However, the date was about eight (8) years in the future. Our military figured something was wrong and that maybe the Ebens were confusing Earth time with Eben time. After a long series of messages, it was determined the Ebens would land on Earth on Friday, April 24, 1964.

PRESIDENT: Just how did we figure the date?

The CARETAKER: Mr President, these messages occurred over a period of several years. By this time, we both had a working knowledge of the other’s seasons, which was based on the Earth’s rotation, which also figured into our time periods. We had a working knowledge of their 40-hour days. They were a little smarter than us, being able to comprehend our language and our time periods.

PRESIDENT: OK, that makes sense. But … (not understood) … about … (not understood) … the aliens?

The CARETAKER: Mr President, we did have a basic understanding of their language. We could understand basic words and symbols. They understood more of our language than we did theirs.

PRESIDENT: OK, then what happened?


WM CASEY: Mr President, this is where things get very interesting.

PRESIDENT: OK, I’m waiting…. (not understood)

The CARETAKER: Our government, specifically, MJ-12 met in secret to plan the event. Decisions were made, then changed many times. We had just about 25 months from the time we finally received their message of the date to prepare for their arrival. Several months into the planning, President Kennedy decided to approve a plan to exchange a special military team. The USAF was tasked as the lead agency.

The USAF officials picked special civilian scientists to assist in the planning and crew selection. The team members’ selection process was the hardest to accomplish. Several plans were suggested and then changed. It took months for the planners to decide on the selection criteria for each team member. They decided that each member must be military, single, no children and a career member. They had to be trained in different skills.

WM CASEY: CARETAKER, let’s just go into the general stuff here, I don’t think the President wants to know every single minute detail.

PRESIDENT: Well, if I had the time, I would. (not understood) …. but, I understand that.

The CARETAKER: Mr President, a team of 12 men were selected. However, during this time period, President Kennedy died. The nation was shocked, as you know….

PRESIDENT: Yes, everyone was shocked. I can understand what must have happened during the project when John died.

The CARETAKER: President Johnson continued the program. When it came time for the meeting, we were ready. The landing occurred in New Mexico. We had everything prepared. We had a hoax landing location just in case it was leaked. The landing occurred and we greeted the Ebens. However, a mix up happened. They were not prepared to accept our exchange personnel. Everything was placed on hold. Finally in 1965, the Ebens landed in Nevada and we exchanged 12 of our men for one of theirs.

[“Project SERPO” Final Debriefing Report: #80HQD893-020, Classified TS/Codeword /]

PRESIDENT: One? Why just one?

WM CASEY: Mr President, this wasn’t clearly documented in the reports that we read.

PRESIDENT: One … was this their ambassador?

WM CASEY: Well, something like that. We just called it EBE 2. We’ll discuss that later.

The CARETAKER: Mr President. Our team of 12 went to the Eben planet for 13 years. The original mission called for a 10-year stay, however, because of the strange time periods on their planet, the team stayed three (3) additional years. Eight [seven] returned in 1978. Two died on the planet and two decided to stay.

[NOTE: Team Member #308 (Team Pilot #2) died of a pulmonary embolism enroute to SERPO on the 9-month journey; 11 arrived safely. ]

PRESIDENT: OK, this is just AMAZING! I can see, about that movie. The movie was based on a real event. I saw that movie. 12 men left, along with Richard Dreyfuss.

[“Close Encounters of The Third Kind,” 1977]

WM CASEY: Mr President, yes, the movie was similar to the real event, at least the last part of the movie.

PRESIDENT: OK, a lot to digest. I want to hear about the hostile ones.

ADVISER #1: Mr President, may I step in here?

PRESIDENT: By all means, ADVISER #1, do.

ADVISER #1: Well, Mr President, the hostile alien species is responsible for abducting some humans. We can clearly prove some 80 Americans were abducted from about 1955 until the present, the last known one in July of last year [1980]. We have a special military intelligence unit keeping track of these abductions. We have FBI agents attached, to assist us when needed. We have NSA and in some instances, CIA personnel helping.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the technology to know when these hostiles will abduct. We get the information afterwards. We interview the victim and place them under hypnotic trances. Some of the victims remember the entire event without hypnosis, while others need hypnosis to relate what happened. We haven’t found one single death directly related to the hostile aliens. We have had deaths that were attributed to the abductions … suicides. We recorded five (5) of them.

But, Mr President, these are the abductions we know about. We have NO idea how many other abductions are occurring in this country or around the world. These hostile aliens are pretty sneaky. They seem to appear and disappear, which is beyond our technical understanding. They also seem to float or defy gravity. WE HAVE ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPHS OF THEM DOING THIS. We have a classic abduction incident that was recorded by military intelligence personnel. It happened in 1979 near a military base.


ADVISER #1: In New Mexico.

PRESIDENT: What’s with New Mexico? The aliens seem to like that state. Do we know why?

The CARETAKER: Excuse me, may I speak?


The CARETAKER: New Mexico is similar to the home planet of the Ebens. Since we do not know which planet the Trantaloids come from….


ADVISER #4: I think we do. I think the Ebens gave us that information. We know the star group. It is close to our solar system, well, I mean in astronomical terms. Maybe 20-25 light-years away. They are actually closer to us than the Ebens are.

[VICTOR: The homeworld of the HAV, the TRANTALOIDS, is the THIRD PLANET out from the star Epsilon Eridani in the constellation Eridanus at 10.5 light-years away. Although somewhat cooler and fainter than our sun, it is very similar. Hal’s friend, ADVISER #4, was mistaken on the distance; an easy error to make given the voluminous amount of information on this subject matter alone. – ANONYMOUS.

PRESIDENT: So that means they can travel like the Ebens travel? I mean using those black holes or whatever you call them?

ADVISER #4: Yes, Mr President, they can travel in the same fashion as the Ebens. However, according to the Ebens, the Trantaloids use a different form of propulsion. Something like matter versus antimatter.

PRESIDENT: And that means?

ADVISER #4: Mr President, basic physics….

WM CASEY: Mr President, do you want to go into the physics of this?

PRESIDENT: Oh, no, no, I don’t think I’d understand it.

ADVISER #4: I was just going to say that we know that when matter is placed next to antimatter, there is a great deal of energy released. If one could harness that into a propulsion system, that would be great. But we don’t have the capability to do that.

PRESIDENT: Do we have one of their spaceships?

The CARETAKER: Yes, well, partially. A crashed one.

PRESIDENT: OK, can we or do we have the technical knowledge to understand it?

WM CASEY: No, Mr President, we don’t.

PRESIDENT: We can make atomic bombs, go to Mars and we can’t understand their science?

WM CASEY: Adviser #4?

ADVISER #4: Mr President, their technology is probably 1,000 years more advanced than ours … maybe even more. They have different materials to work with. Some of their materials are not found on this planet.

PRESIDENT: What do you mean, like iron or elements?

ADVISER #4: Yes, Mr President. We found many metals and other things that are not found on this planet. Maybe they have more than 104 elements or maybe they are different than ours.

PRESIDENT: The hostile ones or the Ebens?

ADVISER #4: Mr President that goes for each species although the Ebens do have similar elements as [those found on] Earth. But the Trantaloids have strange materials … nothing like [those found on] Earth. These ALIENS CAN IMITATE HUMANS. They CAN LOOK LIKE BLOND HUMANS. However, they are not blond, but UGLY-LOOKING INSECTS.

PRESIDENT: Insects, did you say that?

ADVISER #4: Yes, do you have a photograph?

The CARETAKER: Yes, hold on.

WM CASEY: They are pretty nasty looking.

PRESIDENT: Well, they would stand out.


PRESIDENT: How in the world do they do that? It took a lot of makeup to make me look good in the movies. (loud laughter heard)

ADVISER #4: Well, Mr President, I can assure you they don’t use makeup, at least not like we would. They have the ability to change their bodies. As I said before, they are 1,000 years ahead of us in technology and probably every other science.

PRESIDENT: They can be killed?

ADVISER #4: Yes, they are just flesh and blood, like a human body. They can be killed. But their spaceships have a force field around them. They can be shot down, but it takes some doing on our part.

WM CASEY: Mr President, we have to use a small-style nuclear missile to shoot them down, but we haven’t actually done that yet. We have experimented in Nevada on the captured craft we have of theirs.

PRESIDENT: My God, I hope we haven’t used atomic missiles. What does that mean?! I have to give that order!

ADVISER #1: Excuse me, but Mr President, no, we haven’t used any nuclear missiles to shoot down any alien flying craft. I think Adviser #4 and the Director mean that if we had to shoot one down, for instance … if a group of them attacked us.

PRESIDENT: Is that likely?

ADVISER #1: No, I don’t think so.

PRESIDENT: Can we intercept their radio transmissions? Do we know their language?

ADVISER #1: We know or we can recognize their language, which is entirely different than the Ebens. They use a very high-band radio system. But they have different frequencies and it is difficult for NSA to track them.

PRESIDENT: Maybe we should call Captain Kirk?! (loud laughter) Oh, a little humor is good in any situation! (loud laughter)

ADVISER #1: OK, Mr President, I’ll call Scotty! (more laughter)

PRESIDENT: Yeah, maybe [Gene] Roddenberry knows.!

ADVISER #1: Our air defenses are as best prepared as we can be against any form of an attack by this group.

PRESIDENT: How do we do that? I mean, our pilots. Do they know?

ADVISER #1: Not exactly. But we have a system to cover any threat.

PRESIDENT: A war plan?

ADVISER #1: Like I said earlier, yes, Mr President, we do have war plans just for this event or possible event.

PRESIDENT: OK. Well, I think that is enough for one day. Bill, set something up for tomorrow to finish this.

WM CASEY: OK, Mr President. I’ll get with ADVISER #2 and Michael [Deaver].

PRESIDENT: I want to thank everyone for a very thorough briefing. I was educated beyond belief. I will have a different attitude every time I look up in the sky.




Project Camelot: Dr Pete Peterson Whistleblower Interview June 29, 2009

June 17, 2011

Project Camelot released a four hour interview with Dr Pete Peterson (scientist, inventor involved in black projects for years ) that set off a firestorm of controversy.    Apparently after giving the interview, Dr Peterson asked it NOT be published until he received ‘clearance’ from unnamed individuals/entities.  Per Bill Ryan, “He tried to get clearance, and did NOT get the clearance he wanted. Meanwhile, we’d painted ourselves into a corner by describing the interview contents and promising we’d release it soon. We waited and waited for Pete Peterson’s okay. It never came. In the end we had an e-mail dialog which was published on the Camelot blog at the time. He stressed that he was trying to get clearance not to protect HIM, but to protect US. We told him that we’d be willing to take that risk, and published it anyway. Several months later, look at what happened to Project Camelot.

By August 2009 someone had made the decision that we were going too far. Marci McDowell turned face and abruptly started to attack us viciously and continually. Henry Deacon disappeared and refused to have anything more to do with us. And various things happened at the end of the year, quite well-documented in bits and pieces elsewhere, as a result of which Kerry and I found we were no longer able to work together. ”

Dr Pete Peterson June 29, 2009

Project Camelot & Dr Pete Peterson

The following are highlights and transcript (do not miss) of interview.  Enjoy!


Dr. Pete Peterson – Part 1 – Bill Ryan
Interior US, 29 June 2009

[Ed note: Normally the transcripts that had any parts in them that had been difficult for the transcribers to hear were put in “audibles” in square brackets in red for Bill Ryan to attend to, fix, then he’d post the transcript; however, due to unexpected interruptions in the normal working process in Project Camelot, this normal process was not able to proceed forward, so the audibles were left in the square brackets.]


…It’s an area that’s very highly defendable. That was very important because of my belief, and the belief of many other people that I have great respect for, that the world is going through a… I’ll call it a meltdown.

…Once the people found out what had done to them by their representatives, they felt that it would be much better for their health and safety to be somewhere else.

…My understanding, it was the third-ever closed session of Congress.

…We found that no matter where the politician was and what committee he was on, when top secret things were talked about, they wanted to close the session early so they could get out and put their tips out to the news. We don’t have any confidentiality in that. It leaked out, I’m sure.

BR: Am I right in assuming that you wouldn’t contradict those leaks?

PP: I wouldn’t contradict them at all.

BR: Thank you.

Beginning of Interview:

BILL RYAN (BR): This is Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot and this is Monday, June the 29th, 2009. And this is a Project Camelot interview with a difference because not only have I flown the best part of 8,000 miles – at least it feels like, if it’s not quite that many – from Europe to be here for the weekend, but we are also here with David Wilcock, who has also flown from Los Angeles here for the weekend, to join us in a meeting that we had with Dr. Pete Peterson, who’s a name that not many people will know, but may be – among the many extraordinary whistleblowers and contacts and researchers and scientists who we have had the great pleasure of talking to – may be one of the most important.

Yesterday we were talking off-record for the best part of twelve hours and our minds are still digesting an enormous amount of extraordinary information that he shared with us, some of which is off-record. As much as possible, Pete is willing to put on record here, on camera, because you feel, don’t you, Pete, that there is a profound and important reason why the sort of people who will be watching this video need to hear what it is that you have to say.

We want to salute you because you’re a very brave man. One of the things we want to ask you straight off the cuff is why is it that you feel that you wanted to put some of your almost unbelievable and very important testimonies on camera for a lot of people to listen to and watch and understand at this time? Why is it that you’ve come forward and you’re talking to us now?

Dr. PETE PETERSON (PP): Well, I think the main reason for that is I’ve had an inside insight for many, many years, having been picked up in various programs to do things for the government since I was 13 years old. Being a problem-solver, I wish I could say that it was hard work and so forth, but I come from a long line of inventors on both sides of my family tree, and people who graduated from school very early and were significant in affecting things that affected humanity, a number of them, in virtually every kind of field and climate.

I see that the world seems to have gone downhill. I’m aware of many programs to remove intelligence from people and return the people, at least of this nation [America], to a mediocre status. We’ve watched the school systems deteriorate. We’ve watched the, as my wife likes to say, the program in the school systems No child left with a mind. (That’s her paraphrase for it.)

And I’ve seen that the type of government we have… though I’m a patriot and very crudely use the phrase that I got the flag tattooed on both cheeks of my fanny the hard way. I spent ten years in the Marine Corps and a great part of that was in combat and combat zones and other things I did for the government. I like to think I’m unique in that I was probably shot at on most continents.

Anyway, what I see happening is a complete turn away from the way this country started out and in its Constitution to what appears to be headed toward a socialistic system where reason and logic has no bearing.

It concerns me. I have no idea if my voice can help. I have no idea if that can, but I know that my ideas, I have ideas, I have inventions that have proven to be very helpful to society. Many of them have been suppressed by the fact that we had a government that was run by industry rather than by the people. It’s turned away from that, and many industries are actually governed by rules and regulations that make it virtually impossible for them to exist if they do things that are good for humanity.

For example, we’ve had numerous things that have happened in the industry of alternative power that were very inexpensive, very capable. But what we do is we’ve, through their own legislation, limited the power companies to being able to charge a certain amount over and above their costs, so when their costs went down, their profit went down and they couldn’t economically operate.

BR: What I would love to ask you about, Pete, before we go into some of the stories that you have to tell – and we have good reason to believe that, having spent the best part of twelve hours yesterday talking about a tiny fraction of your experience, I think that we could probably talk, literally, for days – what the people watching this video are really concerned about, I think, is what can you help them understand better than they do at the moment about what’s really happening on this planet at the moment? What are the agendas of the controllers? How much trouble are we in and what can people do?

And I want to put that question on hold because this is the purpose of this video as far as we’re concerned.

There’s a whole separate topic, which is a technological topic, because this man we’re talking to now has told us about technology that we didn’t know existed. My brain is still reeling over a conversation that we had at breakfast this morning about which I’m going to say nothing.

Now, before we start all of that – and that was a wonderful overview that you gave about your intentions – can you give us a little bit of a timeline of your career history which started when you were very young? A little bit about the kind of things you’ve been involved in? We’re not asking you to name names, but we just want to present you as somebody who people can get some kind of an idea of who this person is that we’re talking to whose name they haven’t heard before.

PP: Well, I can do that. A very interesting thing we were talking about… I have no idea where these thoughts came to me, but I know that very early on in life I was so different from the people around me that I thought that probably I fell from the sky in a titanium egg and landed in my grandfather’s orchard and my parents found me there.

BR: And I think you’re probably right, actually, having talked to you for two days.


PP: Until I was about 22, I actually believed that.

DAVID WILCOCK (DW): [touching Pete on the shoulder with his finger] He is real. He’s solid.

PP: Then I quit believing that when I was in my mid-20s and in my last few years – I’m nearly 70 – and in my last few years, I’ve started believing that again. Because I find that the people I’m stuck with here on this little spaceship Earth don’t seem to have the same view of anything. It may be that I’m just wacky, but my wackiness has made a lot of products and made a lot of sense to a number of people throughout my life.

For some reason I… well, it’s probably genetics, because on both of my parents’ sides I have long lines of geniuses that extend back in history. I grew up in a home that was entirely powered and heated and cooled, in a very temperate climate, was powered by the sun and by atmospheric pressure change. It was a home that had a gallery inside of it, much like Mexican haciendas, but was covered, where we grew all of our meat products in the form of chickens and rabbits and such, and where we grew all of our food products.

BR: So you had an interesting and unusual upbringing.

PP: I had an interesting and unusual upbringing. We drove in cars that my father made and invented. We lived in homes that my father built out of strange materials that were very highly insulated. My dad was a pioneer in tilt-up concrete buildings and was an engineer for the military in my youth through the Second World War.

BR: And you were hand-picked and chosen for a special program when you were as young as 13. Is this correct?

PP: Yes, I distinguished myself at age 10 by building a number of rockets that held world altitude records, and by inventing a material that’s used even today to power solid-fuel rockets. That material got out of my hands because I’m not a businessman, and wasn’t a businessman, and freely gave it away and other people capitalized on it. But I liked explosions, and so, early on, started building rockets.

BR: There’s a wonderful story that you told us yesterday that we’d love to say again very briefly. I’m going to be using the word briefly in my questions here with an apology, because we know that you could talk with us, literally, for days about the extraordinary experiences you’ve had, the things that you know, the things you’ve been told, the things that you strongly believe with good reason. But one of the stories that we wanted you to tell is what happened one day, when you were ten years old, with a bunch of adults, and you had an extraordinary experience.

PP: Well, I’ll preface that just a little bit with the fact that, as I was growing up, it was in a very small country town about three blocks long and not a lot of people. My parents had a home that had a formal garden, and many of the local people would borrow that for weddings and family reunions and things like that, which my parents gladly lent them the facilities. There was a wedding that went on and, as I remember, it was kind of in maybe June or July of 1950.

At that point I had very limited educational resources in this tiny town, but one of the books that got me very, very interested in ancient peoples and anthropology and archeology was the book that was written about the discovery of King Tut’s tomb. About the time I finished that book, it got me very, very excited to learn about the Egyptians, and learn about the technologies that they had, and who they were and how they built the Pyramids. A lecturer came to town, the man who wrote the book Kon-Tiki, Thor Heyerdahl. Then that got me excited, so I decided I wanted to be an anthropologist-archaeologist and was dead set on it and reading everything I could get through the state library system on that subject.

Along came this wedding, and just about as the preacher was to say the words of destruction to the bride and groom, someone pointed up to the sky and said: What’s that? And everyone turned around – there were about 130 people there – everyone turned around and looked. And for the next two hours everyone at the wedding watched a series and groups of what I can only call flying saucers flying through the air – some as close as maybe 100 feet and some as far away as, maybe, 20 miles – put on a spectacular show. Everyone there saw it, as did many people in the surrounding community. DW: Were they all the same?

PP: No, there were very different ones. Some were the shape of a pencil and seemed to have windows along the periphery. Some were round like a ball. Some were saucer-shaped with a bubble or a dome on top, some saucer-shaped with two or three bubbles on the bottom. If you go back and look through the various flying saucer sightings that we’ve heard about over the years, there was probably one or two of everything we’ve ever heard about. [laughs] These things would dash away clear out of sight and come back. They would run away from the people at the wedding party directly, so you were looking just at one spot…

BR: And the significance of this is that, at this point, you made a major life change. Right?

PP: At this point I made a major life change. I decided I was much less interested in King Tut than I was in having my own flying saucer.

BR: Right.

PP: So immediately started studying science. I’ve studied science ever since, much of it toward the end of building my own flying saucer. Over the years I came to the conclusion that to build a flying saucer, you really needed to know first how to build what I call a Doctor Who phone booth.

For those who don’t know, Dr. Who was a British science fiction spoof that runs on many stations in America about 1:00 AM to 2:00 AM, and there’ve been something like six or seven different Dr. Who’s over the years, it’s run so long. Dr. Who had a red British phone booth…

BR: He didn’t have a red British phone booth. He had a black police phone box. It was a police phone box. It wasn’t a red one.

PP: Ah. Okay, alright. He had a two-holer British phone booth and he would go into it and it would become a time machine.

DW: It was called the TARDIS.

PP: It was called the TARDIS. So he was a Time Lord and he would travel back and forth in both space and time. So, as I tried to figure out how to build a flying saucer, I found out it was easier to build a TARDIS.  Then I got thinking:  Well,  who wants to just shove an aerodynamic body through air when you can just simply get somewhere and dial your destination and walk out where you are, and you don’t have to push anything through the air?

Anyway, I worked toward that end and have done many, many science projects, some for large corporations, some for – we’ll call them “agencies” – and many of them for myself. I’m in the process now, at age 69, of building a laboratory to complete the work that I’ve done, and having acquired a number of very special pieces of equipment for researching such things.

So that’s what I’m about right now. I’m in the process of building that laboratory in a remote location where there are very little man-made magnetic fields. We don’t really get television or radio direct much here and have very, very little man-made interference – electromagnetic interference – and it allows me to do my work that I need to do. So that’s the life change that happened when I was ten years old and so I’ve been on that pursuit ever since.

BR: And we would say be careful what you wish for because now you have the understanding, as far as you have told us in our conversations so far, you have actually the understanding, if you don’t have the factory, to actually be able to make these machines. You can also confirm that the Powers That Be on planet Earth actually have access to this technology and use it for all kinds of reasons. Is this correct?

PP: As far as I can tell, there are a number of governments that have this technology. My feeling is, and/or my knowledge is, that it’s been acquired from people who came to this planet from off planet. And it’s been from the reading of a lot of ancient documents dating back as far as 6,000 years.

BR: To the Sumerians.

PP: To the Sumerians. I have a Sumerian document that’s been translated that tells exactly how to build a flying saucer and it’s a direct translation. It probably doesn’t give everything, but it certainly gives the principles and I’ve experimented with a number of those principles and find out that things take place that in modern physics aren’t possible.

I’ve worked with a group of scientists that have recently discovered things in both mathematics and science that would lead me to believe that the greater part of science that we have today – and I have a PhD degree in Natural Philosophy, which they used to call Physics, that took a lot of effort to acquire – and it leads me to believe that these ancient documents portray knowledge that we simply don’t have, and that the knowledge we do have is wrong.

BR: And you’ve been privileged to spend time in the Vatican library. Is this something you can talk about on record?

PP: Uh… probably. Well, I can talk about things that… There is a lot of information there that is very contrary to things that we believe very deeply, both philosophically and scientifically, and that’s basically been held away from the public – it’s not common knowledge – a lot of translations which, I think, probably came from the remnants of what didn’t burn in the Great Library of Alexandria, very ancient documents.

I was involved, for a time, with machine language translation of a lot of that material which was, in those days, somewhat crude but at least it gave us some ideas. And the ones that looked good were later translated by people who had done, you know, lifetime studies of the language, and I think they’re pretty fair translations.

BR: Are you able to say anything about anything that you learned about the Anunnaki? Or is this off-record as well?

PP: Well, the Anunnaki, who are written about in the Christian and Jewish Bible texts… there are… I’ve seen skeletons of what we call giants.

There’ve been recent giants.  They are,  you know,  people that would travel around with traveling circuses and so forth that were very, very large through genetic problems that they had;  genetic errors.  All of them had joint problems;  they had organ problems;  they died young; the bodies couldn’t support the weight, things like that.

But some of the skeletons don’t show those anomalies that one would see. They’re very well-formed. They’re very much like our skeletons in many respects. They were written about in the Bible and they were written about in other ancient texts, so one has to believe…

I know that there were numerous suggestions that DNA tests be run on them once we got DNA testing pretty well down, and I know those have been thwarted by various religions and various school bodies, people not wanting to say that there are things that we don’t understand, or that they don’t understand or that they don’t want to understand.

BR: But we human beings are from ET lineage — are we not?

PP: My belief is that… I’ll give you an example. Radio carbon dating has become very, very accurate. We have very good records of cave men that didn’t have a language. Some drew pictures, some didn’t. We found caves with their tools in them, with the evidences of their civilization, with their making crude tools and things. There’ve been a number of spots that those were found, especially in Africa and Europe and the Middle East.

Then, all of a sudden, over an 80-year period, emerged a civilization that, for 3,000 years, had the same language and the same religion and the same writing and the same mathematics, and was very, very advanced from things that came afterward. And, you know, in modern history since, oh, let’s say 300 BC, we haven’t had any civilization that didn’t change the language to where you couldn’t read it in a 300-year period.

BR:  Sure. Yeah. Now, many of the viewers of this video will be aware of the influence on ancient Sumeria, where this fully-developed civilization seemed to appear from nowhere. I was just asking whether you can confirm in any way what a lot of people suspect, which is that we actually are, have been, created or engineered by ETs, who knew what they were doing and who wanted to create us for special purposes.

PP: Well, I don’t have absolute proof of that. That’s one reason I’m building the laboratory here. But one of the things I did notice in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s… I did a lot of medical equipment engineering, and I designed a machine that would read a field that surrounded the human body and could give you a read-out on the condition of the organs, organ by organ, in the body. Then it could locate or find, or even create, a medication that would fix it. One of the things that I found was, in the early beginning, that that machine could pretty accurately come up with a diagnosis rate of 50 percent.

Of course, I wanted it to be perfect and spent a number of years finding out that the reason I didn’t get over 50 percent was because a lot of people had genetic errors in their genetic system. As a result of that, they had disease processes that were based on those genetic errors. So you had to treat them very different — these people who had a disease that was based on virii or germs, or other… parasites especially.

So I finally got it to where about 70 to 75 percent of the diagnoses appeared correct and the selection of medication treatment appeared correct. Then I thought: Well, okay. There’s 25 percent here that I really don’t understand.

It was about, oh, ten or fifteen years later that we got pretty familiar with and pretty good with genetic testing, and I found that that 15 percent of people had very, very similar sequences in the DNA that were unlike the other 85 percent of the people – and they were unlike anything else on Earth. They appeared to be alien to the Earth. So I thought: Well, that well could be through exposure to some form of solar radiation or some type of ionizing radiation.

So we looked at people that lived in areas that had natural radioactive compounds, like the areas in southern Utah where a lot of the carnotite and other uranium-bearing ores were mined and people that spent time there, people that were in fallout zones of nuclear testing at the nuclear test center in Nevada…

[Ed note: a video splice begins here on a different topic] We sent the Gemini capsule up, and it went up – the first capsule that went up – so we’re all sitting in Mission Control and called up and you know, Ground to capsule, Ground to capsule. Hello. Do you read us?

[Pete makes noise like muffled radio communication] …comes back and there was dead silence and then everybody laughed because we had the thing, the last guy that went to work had to be the guy that ran for lunch, and right down the street from JPL,  right above the Rose Bowl, was like one the first Jack-in-the-Boxes. And you’d drive in and you’d order, and they’d repeat order back and it’d come back [makes noise like muffled radio communication] and you couldn’t hear a word.  So everybody realized that these astronauts had taken their turn going and getting lunch, and etcetera, etcetera, and everybody laughed and thought they were simulating the Jack-in-the-Box effect.

It turns out that that was the best communication that we had, so immediately Chris Kraft turns to me and says:  Peterson! Solve this problem.   So I made a thing that we eventually called the “Lecture Laundry” and it was a device that found out why such things took place. And they still take place. You still go to drive-ins and you can’t understand a darn thing.

But I built some no-noise microphones that also had a device that removed all of that problem. We found out that there are three narrow pass bands for all the information as speech is recorded.

Two of them record the information. One of them gives you the identification of the speaker. But that one pass band that gives you the speaker identification has to have a variable frequency start–up and drop-off. So you have little knob on it, so you turn it on in a lecture  [Ed. note: loudspeaker mode] and turn this knob until you can hear the speaker very, very clearly. And you can hear them perfectly. You don’t hear the airplanes go over, the police cars go by, people shuffling their papers, the noise from the cooling fan, the noise from the rear projection fan, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

So anyway, it’s one of the little things out of my life. But I used to build those and when I moved to build my new laboratory nine years ago, I quit building those. So that’s one of the products I intend to get put back into production.

[Ed note: end video splice here; the 15% alien DNA topic resumes.]

I checked to see why I couldn’t get the final 15 percent of the diagnostic readings correct and finally came to the conclusion that it was because these people had DNA that had come from off planet. That led me to think: Well, if that’s the case, there must be some kind of historical record.

And when I went back and looked at the historical record, I found out that there are numerous records and archaeological evidence that we were visited by people from off planet – very probably, in my opinion, not only off planet but extraterrestrial or extra-Solar-System-type of visitors.

You know, there’s so many different people that claim having seen such things, that they existed, seen such peoples. There are several broad categories of such aliens. A few, a small percentage of those, could be attributed to anything from paranoia to just tall tales or whatever, but when you have as many as there are, all the way down through all of recorded history, it leads one to believe that it probably was very, very true that such things existed.

As an example, anyone who wants to find something from the past, read Ezekiel in the Bible.

BR: In the course of your work, have you encountered any documentation about the existence of our relationship with creatures like that?

PP: I have. Most of them I can’t talk about.

BR: Sure.

PP: But yes, I’ve seen things written by scientists that I have very high respect for. Some were teachers of mine. Some were people that I work with scientifically in other fields, and there were casual conversations about such things. That’s why I have the beliefs that I have, that we have extraterrestrial DNA in our bodies… some of us do.

It’s rather interesting to note that there’s been a lot of supposition about various programs to reprogram people’s minds, to throw their thinking off, to cause them to believe things that aren’t necessarily true, but politically would be a very good thing for those in politics and in government and in religion. It’s interesting to note that mind control techniques work on 85 percent of the people, and the 15 percent that they don’t work well on are people that have that particular DNA string.

BR: Ah-ha. Okay.

PP:  So, just another verification that those people are very different from the average person.

DW: Pete, I’m sure we’re going to have tons of people wanting to know, of this 15 percent DNA category, is it all one type of person, like one race? Or are they distributed throughout the population? And if you can’t tell us, you can’t tell us.

PP:  No, they obviously run in family trees, along family tree lines or family lines, but they’re pretty well distributed throughout all different cultures and races.

DW:  Thank you. I thought that was the case but I wanted that on record.

PP:  Which, again, would be, to me, a confirmation that that probably did happen because why would someone come and select just one race or one family line?

BR: So there’s black and white and red and…

PP: Red and yellow and green and blue and whatever.

KERRY CASSIDY (KC): How about your DNA? Are you one of those?

PP: As far as I know, I am.

BR: We probably all are in this room. [laughs]

PP: We probably all are in this room. Matter of fact, I’ve found that, as the last ten or twelve years have progressed, I’ve noticed that many people, when I talk to them about things that I know that are a fact in both science, mathematics and in history, as well as in my belief system, I talk to certain people and the 85 percent that I don’t seem to have a medical problem with, i.e., the ones that have “normal” human DNA…

BR: Don’t seem to understand what you’re talking about. [laughs]

PP: When I talk to them, it used to be that they would call me crazy, or it used to be that they’d be really interested and want to learn about it. But, nowadays when you talk to those people, when you’re done talking they don’t say: That’s crazy. You’re crazy. I don’t believe it. They come back into consciousness and start talking like you’d never said a word.

KC:  Absolutely.

BR: Yeah. Interesting. So the people watching this video are probably among the 15 percent. They’re self-selective in many areas, this is what we find.

PP: Well, from what you’ve told me about the people that you deal with, I would believe that. They’re probably in that 15 percent.

BR: Okay. Now, there’s so many places we can go from this conversation, but there’s something important which I want to grab, here and now, and that is: You made an allusion a few minutes ago to when you moved here nine years ago to be in a very quiet, secluded place with your laboratory which you are building to do your work. What can you say about why you are here and why people who are elsewhere might one day wish that they were also here?

PP: Well, that’s something that, in our talks over the last day or so, we haven’t really gotten into but I’m in an area that had two requirements for me and for some of the people who I do various things for that are not to be named.

One of them is this area is very secluded from man-made electromagnetic radiation. It’s a deep valley with high mountains surrounding it in 360 degrees. The entrance to it is through a very narrow long, winding canyon. So we don’t really get radio here, or television, directly. The power that comes in here does have interference on it as well as it has information on it. But it’s very, very secluded, informationally.

Then the place that I chose here is kind of back in a little notch in the mountains, so it’s even more secluded. That was one reason.

The other reason is it’s an area that’s very highly defendable. That was very important because of my belief, and the belief of many other people that I have great respect for, that the world is going through a… I’ll call it a meltdown. We’re going through a change. The alternative-thought radio and television shows and motion pictures and books and movies are all fraught with the fact that something major is going to happen in 2010 or 2012 – the end of the Mayan calendar, Earth changes, a number of things.

The Yellowstone caldera is very, very active. There are areas up there where the ground has risen. My understanding is it’s risen about four feet. We all know that there’s got to be major volcanic activity under Yellowstone area because we can go up there and see the mud pots bubbling and Old Faithful geysering and smell the sulfur coming out of Hades.

BR: And, metaphorically, the same thing may be happening politically.

PP: Exactly. The same thing happening politically. Best I can tell, we’ve been printing not only billions, but trillions of dollars, with nothing to back them whatsoever. Right now I have very dear friends in China that are offering me mature T-bills and mature US bonds that they can’t seem to get cashed, that they’re offering for 10 cents on the dollar.

And there are trillions of dollars worth. It would be enough that, if the world court system would enforce their eventual payment, every man, woman and child in the United States would have to work for four or five generations to pay them off.

BR: What’s the connection between that and your being here?

PP: Well, that, and my being here is I’m in an area that, because if it’s geographical location, has four seasons but it has a good growing season. The area where I am exports both agricultural and meat product in far greater amounts than the people here would consume.

One pry bar, or one stick of dynamite, would shut access – not egress particularly – but it certainly would shut access off so that if there were, indeed, a failure of the currency and ensuing political and certainly geopolitical meltdown, this area would be very protected from large groups of people with no money and therefore no food and no energy and whatever. People who’d come looking for food would probably come to an area like this.

BR: Is there anything you can say about your belief of the likelihood of these events transpiring?

PP: I’ve been lead to believe in numerous briefings and people that I know in fields that very definitely would know and so forth, they’ve all warned me that I should be at a place like this. Many people, even those from Europe and other places, that had very heavy financial connections in major cities around the world have closed those offices down, and a great number of them have expressed a desire to move here if they haven’t already moved here.

BR: And you mean here to this particular area?

PP: Here to this particular area.

BR: Uh-huh. So you believe that there is something very important happening this year and this one of the reasons why you’re talking to us?

PP: That’s one of the reasons why I’m talking. I’ve kind of, if you would, come out of the closet because I think that the people that I find have… The people now that are, say, 27 years old and younger, have gone through a school system that hasn’t schooled them, hasn’t trained them – obviously – because if you know anything about education, has very specifically not trained them and not schooled them in political science, certainly, and in politics and in economics, and certainly geo-economics. They just seem… they don’t have an idea of what’s gone on.

You know, we look at a President that complained entirely about all the money that the previous President spent, then in the first 90 days spent ten times as much. Now it was turned over to the Fed to spend it and the Fed, in congressional testimony on television, said: We don’t have any idea where that money went. We have no idea. We can tell you where two billion of it went, but we certainly can’t tell you where seven trillion of it went, or six trillion of it went. We don’t have any idea.

And, you know, the people have just let that pass by: Oh, that means that ourselves and the next four generations of progeny are going to have to work their whole lives to pay this debt off. And yet we don’t even have any idea where it went or who has it. It’s certainly not out there helping the economy.

BR: Mm-hm. Now, if this occurs, would this be a worldwide problem? I mean, like the collapse of the dollar…

PP: Well, it is a worldwide problem. I mean, look back at James Burke’s programs on Connections. The thing of it is – this is my opinion – but the Unions had to do something to get the Union members to pay their dues, and the only thing they really could do was increase their salaries. So the Unions have increased their salaries to a point where the work has had to move off-shore, because we don’t have people that are willing to work and be blue-collar workers anymore. They want to work and get white-collar wages.

The white-collar people want to get white-collar wages, rather than wages that were consistent with their production so, in essence, they’ve stolen from the blue-collar workers and stolen from the rest of the world by loaning them money and then taking all their natural resources at very low rates.

This has happened all over the world. It hasn’t just happened here. We’re seeing economies beginning to fail everywhere. We’ve been dealing with a system now for, oh, 70 years or better, of fiat money – money that’s backed with nothing. It’s like was said about the Irish when they moved into New York and into Boston: Everybody made money by taking in the neighbor’s wash.

BR: Sure. In your personal opinion, and if you can qualify that personal opinion, it would be useful — what do you think may happen if there’s some tipping-point of social instability or financial instability that occurs before the end of this year? What can people expect?

PP: Well, let’s take a look at the Depression in the late ‘20s. People had ethics. They had morality. Ethics and morality were removed from the school systems 25 years ago, and for specific reasons. It had nothing to do with reasons of ethics or morality. It had to do with political reasons. So they were taken from the school systems.

So in the ‘20s when we had a Depression, people would go out to farmland and knock on the farmer’s door and say: Ma’am, I got three little kids that need to eat and I’ll shovel manure, I’ll dig potatoes, I’ll haul the weeds out of the garden, I’ll do whatever I need to do to get something to feed my kids.

Now what people have been taught is that they’re owed a living, they’re owed to live like television says that people should live. They don’t have an ethic; they don’t have a morality.

So what happens is, if we have a financial collapse, it won’t be like the ‘20s. It’s going to be like today and you’re going to have anarchy and absolute chaos. The government knows that. They’ve recently asked the service members if they would fire on civilians if they were asked to – which is entirely against the Constitution.

We had a Second Amendment and the founders of our country, in writing after the Constitution about where the Second Amendment came from, didn’t say that we should have the right to keep and bear arms so that we could go get a deer and feed the family. They specifically stated we had the right to keep and bear arms so that if the government, with its military, got out of hand and tried to suppress the Constitution and civilians, they could take control back, because the government was supposed to lie in the hands of the people.

Now, not that I believe that the people are smart enough to handle themselves, because they’re not, otherwise we wouldn’t have had the last several Presidents that we’ve had. We’d have actually had senators and congressmen thrown out because they wouldn’t do for us what was necessary. And the senators and congressmen had no option because we had so many splinter groups that they had to keep satisfied, that they couldn’t do what was necessary for the people as they were charged to do.

BR: Is there anything you can say on record about a recent Congressional session that you attended?

PP: Yes. Uh… Probably better not said.

BR: Okay.

PP: Just note that there was the third… my understanding… it was the third-ever closed session of Congress.

BR: Okay. I understand.

KC: But it is on Google, so…

PP: Yeah, I think many things have leaked out about it on Google. We found that no matter where the politician was and what committee he was on, when top secret things were talked about, they wanted to close the session early, so they could get out and put their tips out to the news. We don’t have any confidentiality in that. It leaked out, I’m sure.

americanbunker note:

Secret meeting in Congress to discuss the imminent martial law. This happened March 13th of 2008. WHY? Congress is expecting the imminent collapse of the U.S. economy sometime in late 2008 and the possibility of “Civil War” in the United States due to the economic collapse. Possibly the most disturbing, “The advance round up of insurgent U.S. citizens that are likely to move against the U.S. Government.” It goes on to project the necessary and unavoidable merger between the U.S. , Canada and Mexico to save the U.S. economy. If this doesn’t motivate you into action then nothing will…. If nothing else watch CSPAN video of Dennis Kucinich asking for the reasons for secret meeting. That video is a MUST SEE….

BR: Am I right in assuming that you wouldn’t contradict those leaks?

PP: I wouldn’t contradict them at all.

BR: Thank you.

KC: But weren’t they told to… weren’t some of them getting out of the country to relocate in South America? Ask him that.

PP: That’s my understanding.

KC: George Green has given us testimony to that effect.

PP: Yeah. That’s my understanding that a number of them felt that, once the people found out what had been done to them by their representatives, they felt that it would be much better for their health and safety to be somewhere else.

BR: Mm-hm. And that kind of says it all. Do you know anything, or suspect anything, about once the financial system fails, if it does so, what would it be replaced by?

PP: Well, up until a few days ago I would say it would’ve been replaced by a world currency. Remember, the last four Presidents have all been members of the Council on Foreign Relations, and have openly stated that they’re moving toward a One World government and believe we should have a One World government. If we had a One World government, we’d probably have a One World currency.

And it might even be they were smart enough to have a currency that was backed by something real, like gold or silver or various metals. I’ve always wanted to see a commodity-backed currency, so you could have a currency that was worth so much corn, or so much wheat, or so much of something that was a real, tangible thing.

BR: Sure. Up until a few days ago, you said. What changed?

PP: Up until a few days ago. What changed was my understanding is now that they’re… well, the NAFTA and GATT agreements basically put us into a system where we had Mexico, United States and Canada almost as one government with three parts.

There was going to be a, you know, it’s been highly rumored that there was a printed currency available – pictures available on the Internet, etcetera, etcetera, because there’s nothing that’s a secret anymore – that would have currency, different colors and different sizes for different denominations, and was to be called something like the Amero for North America.

It’s been rumored that that currency is being destroyed now and replaced by another U.S. currency that is being printed. And that would make a lot of sense because there’s so much… well, the money that’s being printed is funny money because it’s backed on nothing. But also, there’s been so much counterfeiting, especially out of Iran. So you can look at some of our politics with Iran having to do with nuclear proliferation, and so much of it having to do with the fact that they have good printing presses and good duplicators of paper and ink. There’s been a tremendous amount of currency that we know has moved here from Iran that is counterfeit, and it’s rampant.

BR: Yeah. Many people watching this video will be aware of what David Icke has been talking about. We spoke to him at length earlier on this year and one of the drums that he’s been beating is about what he feels is the danger of the population being chipped as a means of control, which is going to be linked with their ability to operate financially at all. Can you comment on that at all?

PP: There are a number of things to lead one to believe that they are going to be shipping people around. There are a number of places that there’s no explanation for, but very large concentration camps have sprung up, one of them very near where I live here that’s very large-sized.

On the other hand, I was involved, back in the ’70s, with a very large food and feed company to build chips that could be used on prize cattle and breeding cattle, for example, and show cattle, to geolocate them or to identify them.

That technology has now been reduced down to things that can be injected through a hypodermic needle into the body and identify people. The currency that I heard about that was to be a One World currency was based on being chipped. The credits, if you would, would go onto and off of that chip by a method similar to Bluetooth that’s used today.

BR: And this is technology which you yourself have helped develop! Is that what I heard you say?

PP: Well, it’s technology that I developed, some of the early things, and it’s technology which, in it’s smaller implementation, I’m using right now in a product that I’m in the process of building for geolocation and anti-theft because there’s so many people being kidnapped and sacrificed for their organs, or being kidnapped and held for ransom – not the least of which is around the Mogadishu area and in the Mediterranean, but also even in Mexico. A tremendous number of people are being kidnapped for ransom there, both their own people and visitors.

BR: There’s a problem tracking containers.

PP: There’s a problem tracking sea-land containers as well.

BR: Why is it important to track these containers?

PP: Well, there are around 10,000 containers a day coming into the country that are never physically inspected. We know that weapons of mass destruction, though this is not totally announced, but we know weapons of mass destruction are coming in in those containers. We know terrorists are coming in in those containers because we see the evidence of it afterward.

Thank God the government has picked up a lot of these things later, but the containers – a lot of them are shipping contraband. A lot of them are shipping… You know, we saw the dog food come in that was laced with Melamine, because it wasn’t inspected.

BR: Now, we just did a tape change here, and just before that little interlude, David was very keen to ask Pete about his view about how can we transform these danger signs into something that is a healthy warning to us? What sorts of proactive, positive-thinking, responsible actions can we take without just blindfolding ourselves and ignoring whatever real risks that might be there?

Now this is my bridge because I want David to ask his own questions. This is one of the reasons why he’s here with us. We have a huge respect for David, his intellect, his perspective, his experience. David, this is all yours. You want to talk to Pete about this very important thing here.

DW: Sure. What I wanted to say was just that I have a perspective, which includes documenting my dreams every day for the last 17 years, following their guidance, getting accurate information from that guidance. Yesterday morning, while we were talking about all these things, I had a dream in which there was a volcanic eruption. It looked terrifying. There were rocks flying into the air and everybody around me thought we were all going to die. We ran under these trees, the rocks fell all around us, but we were all fine. Nobody was actually hurt by it. Obviously it was a disaster, obviously it had caused property damage, but the people were okay.

That’s one of many different varieties of data that I’ve gotten to suggest that, even though things look like they could be really austere and apocalyptic, that humanity will persevere through this and that we will be able to have a positive outcome on our own futures, and that this is not a situation that’s completely outside of our ability to manage.

PP: Well David, you had a question that you asked me just before the break and I think we’re going to agree to disagree, but go ahead and ask that question again, or make that statement again.

BR: It was a very good question. It was about prior warnings not having come to pass and therefore why should we be concerned? DW: Oh, okay. Yeah, let me give you some prelude to that. I spoke with another witness who was involved in various compartmentalized projects, one in particular which was at the Montauk base, and he had extensive contact with people on the inside.

One of the things that he said was that the Superdomes that were built in all the major cities were intended to be large holding containers for people to be herded in. He said that there was a plan that the Rodney King riots would foment enough social upheaval that they would be able to actually round up black people who were rioting in the cities and put them inside these domes and basically keep them in there until they passed away.

That was a plan that was made and it obviously did not happen. So, we’ve heard from many Project Camelot witnesses’ similar plans, timelines, in which the Powers That Be, whoever they are, say apocalyptic things are going to happen. The dates come, strange things happen, yes, but it doesn’t lead to an apocalypse scenario.

So, in private conversation with us, you had mentioned that there were other dates that came and went where they had said something like this might happen. Some friends of yours inside told you something like that and then it didn’t actually turn into a social breakdown.

PP: Yes.

DW: Okay.

PP: I did say that, and so the question is?

DW: Well, the question is, in terms of… You had mentioned before that people have a conditioning to not think, and a conditioning of mind control. You said that there is a degradation in the moral fabric of our society. So, I think what we really need to know on a personal level is: What can we do to help ourselves not be indoctrinated by this passive programming that’s coming out to us? You mentioned versions of mind control and things like that. I think that’s an important key to not getting stuck in this trap.

PP: I moved here because I was told by various people that I should geolocate and be in an area that would be safe when we eventually got a financial and, therefore, a political, collapse. So there’re certain things that I’ve done to make sure that myself and my family and my friends are safe from that.

The question that David just asked is a little bit different, having to do with the fact that numerous ones of us have heard a bit apocalyptic things in the future, ranging from the fact that, supposedly in the year 2011 or 2012, we have the end of the Mayan calendar and we have an apocalypse coming. People who are apocalyptic Christians say about the same thing, that the End Times are here or coming. We’ve heard very dire things about the economic posture of the United States and the whole world, and we see things happening.

We see Iceland, for example, declaring bankruptcy, and I hear from people that I know in the banking system that a number of the European states are going to follow them in bankruptcy. When the U.S. currency fails… which I can’t imagine that it won’t, because we’ve printed so much currency and put out there that’s backed by nothing — it’s all beginning to come home and roost. The T-bills and bonds are coming back to us, and I can’t see what’s going to happen there.

We have the huge collapse that when, before the current President took office, 16 billion dollars was going to solve all the problems, and Please get this bill through, and We can take 16 billion dollars and put it out in. And it barely passed and we got that through.

Then it seemed like three weeks later we didn’t know where the 16 billion dollars was even supposed to go or what for because they passed the bill without even knowing what was going to happen. That 16 billion dollars disappeared immediately. And now, all of a sudden we needed seven or nine trillion dollars, and then we needed 20, you know, and we don’t have any idea where that went.

So the things we’ve heard in the past about there going to be a failure, the time came and left and there wasn’t a failure, but this money was pumped somewhere. And, of course, the system had a lot more inertia than we anticipated. So now what we have is something that… the actuality is coming to roost. I drive around in the town that I live nearby, the large town that’s about 50 miles south of me, and I drive around there and I look in the little malls and I look in the big malls. The big mall has closed. We only had one mall in the town, and the gross population [of] nearly, well, 750,000 people.

The one mall that we had, the people that had the mall failed and went bankrupt, and it’s closed. All the stores that sell non-essential items – jewelry stores, bed and bath stores, etcetera – most of them have closed. Sporting goods stores, most of them have closed.

BR: What you’re saying is that we haven’t been here before. This is something new.

PP: So we haven’t really ever been here before. You know, we’ve heard that things are going to happen, things are going to fail, but life continued on as normal and the government continued to print money and pass it out to its friends and so forth. So, therefore, we’re in a bit different set of circumstances. I moved here in 1999 because I was told [that] by 2001, that the system was going to fail. And here we are eight years later, or nine years later…

BR: In fact, you were ordered to come here.

PP: I was. So, we found out that no, it didn’t fail. I’d go for a briefing and they’d just be in shock: We don’t understand it. We don’t have any idea why it hasn’t failed. I mean, we just don’t know. The only thing we can do is say there was so much inertia.

So, now it’s beginning to fail. And it isn’t just beginning to fail — it’s increasing on a logarithmic scale, and very shortly, I see that it just about has to do that. Which then brings us back to the first question that David asked just before the break was: What do I see that we could offer the listeners out there, something that they might do? And I can say: Well, in my personal opinion…

And what I’ve done, I’ve put my money and my talent, my skills and my abilities, where my mouth is. I’ve come here and I’m self-sufficient. I grow all my own meat, all my own vegetables. I have stored up those things that are going to be critical to society. I’ve picked up the tools that I didn’t have that allow me to do things in such an environment and such a society to produce things that are going to be necessary for people to have.

BR: And you can even make your own radio and probably fuel your own truck.

PP: Exactly right. I have a number of vehicles that I now have — engines that’ll burn alcohol. I have the equipment and I have the seeds and I have the tractor, and I have the land and I have the water to grow material that I can make alcohol from at a much larger rate than I need.

BR: Now, a lot of people listening to this will say: But I’m in the middle of a big city. I’ve got a wife and a mortgage and two kids who are at school, and I hear what you’re saying but what can I do? I’m not in that situation. What would you tell them?

PP: Well, I’ve taught survival for better than 40 years and my particular area of expertise in survival was urban survival. I was asked to write a book about urban survival, and I started the book out, and I can tell you that – we got into that a little bit earlier – I can tell you that today there isn’t any such thing as urban survival. Who knows their neighbors? In ’29 people knew their neighbors and they had ethics and morality. Now the ethics and morality has been taken away from the children, and the children are now in their 20s and 30s.

BR: The community’s gone.

PP: The community is gone. We don’t have a community that would do that, and we have people that have children, and now some of them have a couple children. What are you going to do when your kids say: Daddy, my tummy hurts. I haven’t had anything to eat for two weeks. And you smell the next door neighbor over there, who was a wise squirrel and put something up, and you smell him out on his barbeque – because he’s got no power but charcoal – cooking a couple of freeze-dried steaks? You have to ask yourself: What would that person do?

BR: Okay. But there are a lot of psychological operations that have been put in place in preparation for all of this, and there’s mental self-defense or mental preparation, emotional preparation, spiritual preparation. Is there something that you can speak to about that, whatever people’s circumstances are?

PP: Well, I will do that, but first I want to suggest that… Take a look at just the things that have happened. Forget the political-economic situation. Let’s take a look at things that have happened in this country over the last, say, four or five years.

You’ve got the debacle that occurred in New Orleans, and then you’ve got the next debacle that occurred in Texas and Mississippi, and you got to see that, no, all those people couldn’t leave town because they got out on the freeway and the freeway was jammed. Everybody got stopped and they ran out of gas and there wasn’t any gas. The people that owned the service stations left to get out of town also, so there wasn’t anything for the service stations.

You look at New Orleans. I knew people that were getting water to New Orleans that had been ordered, it was a year until it got delivered. There were people who got thousands and thousands of trailer-houses that were stuck in the Midwest and never got shipped down there. Nobody got to use them. But by the time they got where they could’ve put them down there, the things had already decayed, and they found out they were made with the wrong materials and they were out-gassing toxic things…

That was how well the government was prepared for that. They saw it coming and saw it coming and saw it coming – nothing happened. Then you look at the people that live along the Mississippi River and its feeding tributaries. They’ve had floods virtually every year. Every year they have floods, and they go back and they rebuild their houses with lots of insurance money, and then they have floods the next year…

The weather is changing. I think it’s changing to the colder rather than the warmer, but anyway, the weather is changing, very definitely. It’s changing right here where I live, tremendously so. In the last couple of winters, we’ve had two-to-three times the snow that we had the previous ten years. Then we’ve had water from it, major, major water problems. We had droughts for a number of years. I live near a huge, huge reservoir that holds enough water to irrigate the whole southern state for a year or two, and it’s been absolutely dry in the bottom, hardly a trickle. And now it’s clear full and spilling over.

BR: So, in summary, you’re saying that as a scientist and as an intelligent man, as somebody who is well-connected on the inside with other scientists and other intelligent men, you think that there’s a real problem.

PP: I think that there’s a major real problem and I think that people who don’t see that, and don’t realize that, simply have put blinders on. I think that what they should do is think: You know, maybe there’s something to this. But at least we see that in major areas of the country there’ve been problems where people needed to have a little supply of food left because they couldn’t get to a store.

They need to have things that, if they have to leave their homes… Like in the area that I’m in, and in California, especially, and in other states, especially. There’ve been major, major fires that have gone on. People have been moved out of their homes. And when they left home and they came back and they’re crying on television: Oh, everything’s gone. Everything’s gone.

And yet, some of those people went to survival lectures that I gave and they had copies of their driver’s license, copies of their marriage license, copies of their insurance papers, copies of all the things they needed to have copies of. They had extras of all the children’s pictures and extras of the journals and so forth put away in another location. These are things that people can do to assure continuity even though there may be something coming.

California? We hear predictions about earthquakes all the time and we see earthquakes all the time. Some are small and some are larger, but we hear the people that actually are predicting those things predicting very large earthquakes. They don’t know if it’s going to be next year or the year after, but they know it’s going to come, they know it’s going to be large, they know people are going to lose things. Why don’t these people have what’s called a bug-out bag in their car where they could take off and leave the area?

The government says: Oh, you only need to have three days storage. But we look at where the government’s come in, time after time after time over just the last four or five years, and found out the government didn’t have anything for them. They had to fend for themselves. It was months, sometimes, before they had effort come in.

It’s very interesting to understand… When I teach a survival class, one of the things I do is, right at the beginning of the class I put a velvet bag over people’s head. Then I tell them: I’m going to place a ten dollar gold piece somewhere in the room and have you all look for it. Whoever finds it gets to keep it.

So I do that and then I say: Okay, go look for it, and immediately someone says: Oh, here it is. I have it. I found it. And everybody takes their bag off and says: Well that’s no fair! He didn’t have a hood on!

And I say: Okay, so let’s say that there’s a big earthquake or a big emergency, and if you don’t have a way of communicating – because the cell phones are going to be down, the radio stations are going to be down – if you don’t have a way of communicating outside of those, it’s like having a bag over your head. You’re not going to know what roads are blocked. You’re not going to know what roads have police that are not allowing people to go through. You’re not going to have gasoline in your car.

If you had a short-wave radio or an amateur radio, which are very inexpensive, you could listen to the radio amateurs who are going to be immediately there because that’s what they’re set up for, that’s what they’re trained to do. If you had an amateur radio license, which anybody can get these days, it’s like you had eyes. You can see where to go, where there’s problems, where there are not problems, where there are riots, where there are not riots, and carry on and go there.

If you had a bug-out bag in your car you’d have gas and fuel and medical supplies, things to keep you warm, things to keep you cool, all packed up ready to go. Just a small bag. So, there are a number of things that one could do to become aware.

BR: There’s a lot that has been done to dumb down the population. How can this be reversed? How can that be aided? I want to make sure that David gets a chance to answer his own questions. What I’m trying to do is support you in that and I want to give you air time here.

DW: There is a compartment of reality that we can talk about in which people are on this planet and there are forces that appear to be almost outside their control to do anything about other than, as you said, preparations for the sake of survival. Then we also have another context which is that you are apparently directly aware of extraterrestrials who are not strictly negative. In fact, you mentioned to us before that a lot of them are positive. We know they’re out there, we know they’re visiting us.

While I don’t believe they’re going to just come down and save us from problems, there appears to be a greater reality that we are all involved in, and that this situation… My understanding is that the situations we’re going through are going to be instrumental in helping to purge the negative influences on this planet that have been prevailing for so long, not make them worse. There will be, certainly, a crisis time that we go through but that’s part of a passage into a more organized and enlightened society. That’s how it’s been explained by many different accurate sources, in my opinion, including ancient prophecies that speak of the coming of a Golden Age.

PP: Well, one of the things that I did in studying survival was I went to numerous places on the face of the Earth where there were survival-type things taking place, whether it be genocide in Africa, whether it be eruption of volcanoes, whether it be tornadoes and tsunamis. I’ve gone to those places studying survival, and I know one thing: There’s one person I can rely on and that’s me, and all the rest is conjecture.

I found out that the people that survived were the people that were prepared. Some were prepared mentally, and that’s the major preparation that you could do. But I know that when you believe in other people, that may or may not happen, but if you believe in yourself and follow up, it does happen and you don’t have any worry.

I found out that a few days or a few hours, or even a few minutes can be the difference between life and death. So I would just as soon spend a little time and a little effort and a little money, and be able to take care of myself and my people. And if other things happen, so much the better; I have things I can share with others.

DW: Yeah, I don’t dispute that at all. In fact, I am very well prepared for eventualities in myself. We also, at Project Camelot, have interviewed enough different witnesses that we are trying to look at the big picture perspective.

I do believe that we have an intelligently-guided planet. I do believe that the things that happen on the planet are not random, and I do believe that society itself is going through an evolutionary process. A lot of the things that you’ve shared with us already, off the record, reveal that there are potentials of the human being much greater than what we currently understand.

You’ve also suggested there are efforts to suppress our natural ability that have been put in place and I think that, while, absolutely, preparing is important, I think anything you can tell us about how people can strengthen their intuitive faculty, so that they have an ability to get in touch with that part of themselves that does have the knowledge – you’ve mentioned remote viewing before, too.

If they have some way, something you can share with us, a way in which people can greater empower themselves to the greater awareness that they actually possess and how that could help them through these transitional times, maybe that would be important to hear.

PP: Well, actually, strangely enough, we really agree and I think we’re both saying that one should do both, because then you don’t have to rely on anything; you don’t have to rely on somebody else.

That’s the problem. What’s been taken out of people over the last 20 years is response-ability. People have to take responsibility.

Over the millennia, the people that we’ve considered major, major prophets, such as the prophets of Mohammedanism, the prophets of Christianity, prophets of record such as Nostradamus and so forth. Every one of those, and all the religions, have said: Take responsibility and prepare yourself.

The things that David’s talking about to prepare are exactly correct. People should have those skills. They should go out and practice those and I know that your group has been superb in providing evidence and providing a website that’s a fantastic website where they can go and look and find out people that are talking about such things, people that are saying such things.

I’m basically a warrior because that’s kind of my path and I’ve noticed that there isn’t anybody out there in this world that’s taking care of me except me. That’s not necessarily true because the knowledge, the intellect, the experience, the vast experience that I have has been handed to me on a silver platter. It’s like I stuck my hand in the air to volunteer and got a hiccup in my rotator cuff and my hand just stayed up and I ended up volunteering for everything. [Kerry laughs] Everybody thought I was volunteering, and so I got stuck into a number of different things. But none of it, as I look back on it, was by accident.

I know that there are a number of people that were students of mine that were in New Orleans, that were in the Gulf area of Texas, that were in the river areas in Ohio and Nebraska and so forth, and Tennessee. I know that all of them, when the time came, just simply threw a bag in the back of their car and headed out and they were fine. All their family records were preserved, and all their family jewels and things, everybody knew where they were. They were all in one place, threw them in the car and off they went. The car was full of gas with a little trailer with a couple of gas cans and a tent. And they were fine.

I’m just suggesting that that is a very wise thing to do on a day like today, whether the prophets of doom are correct, or whether they’re not correct. Let’s say you put aside five months worth of food. Well, go take a look at the prices in the store, and the prices five months ago, and tell me you wouldn’t like to buy five-months-ago’s food, or today’s food at five-months-ago’s prices. You know, it’s better than any investment you could’ve made. It’s better than any stock I know of. It’s even better than gold. If a disaster comes, it’s going to be worth far more than gold because it’ll save your life, where gold will just get you robbed – or silver.

I tell people if you’re going to save gold, for crying out loud, save some silver. Because if we have a collapse, when it comes, you know, get yourself a wheelbarrow and if you come to my place and want a loaf of bread and you’ve got an ounce of gold that’s worth, at that time, $2,000, I’ll swap it for a loaf of bread. [laughter] If you’ve got a quarter, that by that time is worth three dollars – a non-numismatic silver quarter – I’ll swap it for a loaf of bread. Take your pick.

BR: Right.

PP: So, there are things that people can do to do that, and there are things that they can do. There are a number of remote viewing courses and many of them are very good. I’d suggest you do remote viewing.

But I said besides remote viewing I know one thing that’s certain. I can take my little ham radio and I can pick it up and I can call on the ham radio repeater and I say: What’s the traffic like on Route 17 going out through Palmdale? And somebody’s going to say: Oh, all the cars are stopped and they’re not letting people through. Or they’re going to say: Oh, the traffic’s flowing just fine. And I know that’s the direction to get out of town.

BR: Sure. A lot of people would want us to ask this question. It’s almost a matter of duty. And that is: How much does Obama know about all of this, in your opinion?

PP: Uh… [laughs] That’s a strange question. I can’t imagine anyone accepting the job of President with the current situation. I can’t imagine that. So, in that respect, I have to say he can’t be very intelligent. On the other hand, he’s an intelligent man. He certainly is an intelligent speaker. Of course, he was a debate king, if you would.

I know that when he got his first briefing, because I had friends that were present, said that he was so shocked that he had to sit down when he found out what really was happening. This was before he took the office. Now, I think that he’s found himself in a river that’s flooded and headed south and he’s got a little boat with no oars.

BR: And very steep canyon walls. [laughs]

PP: And steep canyon walls, and he’s just paddling with his hands as fast as he can paddle and trying to do the very best job that he can. He has a few really good people around him. I really don’t believe he has a hint how to stop what’s happening. I don’t think he has a hint how to stop the flood, because it’s behind him and it’s coming on, and he’s being driven by it and there’s not much he can do.

BR: Now, speaking about having good people with him, just using that turn of phrase, would you confirm that there are good people, who we have euphemistically called the White Hats, in the government and the intelligence and the military, who themselves are patriots as you are, and they’re trying to do their best from the inside to avert these things.

PP: Absolutely. There are many people that left the military. Most of the good people left during Clinton and Bush because they couldn’t pledge allegiance to the President because of the things that were being done, so many people left. On the other hand, there were many people that stayed behind because they knew they were going to be needed. They sacrificed, not principle, but they had a higher knowledge and stayed behind so that they could ply the knowledge that they had when the time came.

BR: That’s where they thought they would be most valuable.

PP: That’s where they thought they would be most valuable, and they were the true patriots because they did what was best for the people rather than what was best for themselves.

BR: And these are the people who are keeping you informed sometimes. Is that right?

PP: Some of those people are the people that are keeping me informed.

BR: I understand.

PP: I mean, it’s more that they’re keeping me informed because they call me for ideas. I’m kind of an idea man and they call me and ask me: What might we do here, and what might we do there?

BR: Because you’re above all a problem solver and a technological…

PP: I’m basically a problem solver.

BR: Mm-hm.

DW: Do you think there’s ever going to be a Disclosure? That any of this stuff about UFOs or other races not born on Earth would ever get out to the public?

PP: It’s interesting. I’ve been told that a number of the apocalypse films that have come out recently, and a number of the science fiction things that have come out recently as movies have been partially funded by the government wanting to get familiar in our minds the idea there might be people that could come and help us. There might be some kind of Divine providence that would help as well. I’ve heard, kind of through the grapevine, that…

I know that Reagan was asked to disclose such things, the truth about flying saucers and alien people. I know that JFK was asked those things and said he would do something. And I know there was pressure put to bear on both of them to say nothing. I know that the current President… I don’t know this. I have heard that the current President was planning to make such announcements later in the year, or late in the year.

KC: Are you willing to say the date and that information that you…

PP: I know a date I was told, and I can tell you the same people that told me that date told me that the U.S. currency would fail in 2001 when they ordered me to move here.

BR: Okay.

PP: So who knows what’s going to happen? But I’ve heard that his desire… And I may be wrong. I don’t know. I’ve heard it through the grapevine, the man hasn’t told me himself.

KC: But he’s under orders, isn’t he? He’s just the front guy.

PP: My feeling is that we haven’t had a President since right after George Washington that wasn’t under orders from someone else. If you go back and take a look at it, it’s pretty obvious.

BR: Then, if the guy doesn’t obey those orders, he may find himself in trouble.

PP: He may find himself in trouble.

KC: Do you want to talk about who’s behind him, at all?

PP: I really don’t.

BR: Okay.

DW: About the announcement, though. You were working up to an announcement. You were saying that he may announce something at the end of the year? What would that be? What does your grapevine tell you?

PP: My grapevine tells me that he is going to announce that there are indeed such things as flying saucers, and there is indeed technology transfer, and there is indeed beings behind it that didn’t come from this planet.

KC: How many different kinds?

PP: I… You know, we’re getting into speculation here that…

BR: Understand.

PP: You know, whether the person that told me would know, I have no idea. Whether the President would know, I have no idea. Whether we even know, I have no idea. But a number of them, more than, say, three or four.

BR: Good.

PP: Again, if you go back and look at the number of people who seem to have seen such people, you get kind of a: Well, there’s a reptilian type, and there’s a long-face type and a round-face type and a tall type and a short type and…

It isn’t just like one person said this and one person said that. It’s 50 people in the U.S. and 20 people in Germany and 300 people in Brazil and 80 people in Africa say this. Then for the next bunch there’s maybe 40 or 50 in Russia and 25 or 30 in Germany. You know, you can’t discount all of those things when, from totally disparate regions that have no real communication, and people have no real communication with each other, you have people doing exact descriptions and large amounts of exact descriptions.

BR: Yeah. And tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, reporting contact with the little guys with the almond-shaped eyes and the big heads, who many people say are responsible for abductions. Do you know anything about that at all?

PP: All I know is that I’ve talked to a number of those people and many of them seem to me to be very credible. Many of them seem to me to have read somebody else’s report and then they wanted to be in the thing and made it up.

BR: Are any of these abductions military operations?

PP: I wouldn’t have any idea.

BR: You don’t know. Okay.

[Ed note: video splice begins here.]

PP: Look, I can’t see why the dollar didn’t crash in 2001, absolutely couldn’t see why it didn’t crash. Because it was backed with nothing. It was inertia, in my opinion, it was inertia only that carried it on. And sure, there were a lot of people behind the scenes manipulating various things. You saw how they manipulated billions and billions of dollars that didn’t even… not only were bogus dollars, i.e. dollars that were printed with nothing behind them, dollars that didn’t even exist!

People fail to look at this fact. If, let’s say – we’ll use just round figures – let’s say that there’s $1,000 issued, okay? Who issues the dollars? The Fed issues the dollars – totally outside of the Constitution, as far as I’m concerned.

The Fed issues $1,000. They then rent those dollars to the bank. What does the bank do? The bank rents those dollars out to people so they can by a car, a home, whatever. They say: We’ll rent this out to you and it’ll be at five percent interest. Now, what that means is they’ve taken a thousand – and if they have $1,000, the banks are allowed to loan out $17,000. So let’s say you have ten percent interest on $17,000. Now that’s $10,000 plus another $7,000. Where does the $7,000 come from to pay it back? It wasn’t ever issued. It didn’t ever exist. How can they pay back more than there ever was? And people don’t understand the concept of fiat money!

KC: Right. There are many videos on Google that people can watch on this very subject and get educated.

PP: Yeah. Absolutely! And the problem is that people have been taught that if you just stick your head in the sand and don’t look, it isn’t going to bite you.

BR: Keep on watching American Idol and you’ll be all right.

PP: Keep on watching American Idol, and keep on going to the movies, and keep on, you know, whatever.

DW: I’d like to say one thing. There is footage that you can see of an announcement that Rumsfeld made on September 10th, 2001, about money that was “lost” in the military budget to the tune of 2.3 trillion dollars – the day before September 11. So is that in anyway related to what you’re talking about with the year 2001?

PP: Probably is, and there are a number of other things. Let’s look at what happened on September 11th. [laughs] A building that wasn’t even involved crashed to the ground, and in the basement of it was stored a massive amount of gold. It was never found. [laughter] Okay? Never found! And why would that building fall down? Not even ashes fell on it. It was out of the wind pattern.

DW: Right.

PP: Where did that money go, and why did that building fall down?

KC: Well, do you know the answer?

PP: Well, I think I know the answer but I don’t know that I’m convenient with giving that answer. Because, you know, I don’t want to prompt somebody to go look for it because I know what I feel they’d find. I think what they’d probably find is an early grave.

BR: By now people watching this video will understand why we were so keen to introduce Pete to this audience, and will understand what we were saying when we referred to twelve hours of off-record conversation yesterday, that we haven’t even begun to bottom out even so.

What we’re able to provide here is only a very short summary of some of the things which Pete knows. So, with apologies, we’re going to move on because we’ve only got a certain amount of time and a certain amount of tape, to other areas because there’s an extraordinary amount of experience and information which you may want to share.

Let me, first of all, ask you if you’re willing to share any of your experience about working with Russian scientists, and in what capacity you did that?

PP: Yes, I’d be more than happy to do that… [sighs] some of it, at least. After the fall of the Wall, I went to Russia and worked with a number of top scientists there that were involved in their space program.

BR: And you went to Russia, let me say euphemistically, in a professional capacity?

PP: In a professional capacity. I came by invitation and went there. One of the things we did was, we took – and I’m going to use Russia in general terms, meaning the old Soviet Union.

BR: The U.S.S.R.

PP: I went to various countries that were at one time part of the U.S.S.R.

I was there, for example, when Ukraine declared their independence, and I knew the man who was the first president there. So we took out of the U.S.S.R. a lot of technology that had been pent up, and brought back, and donated it to the government here.

I got to see brilliant, brilliant, brilliant technology that – some we knew about, some we had, and some we didn’t have, specifically in materials science and in things that could be used to generate alternative energy.

New ways of building motors, new types of materials for building motors and spacecraft. Motors and spacecraft. New ways of storing electricity in capacitors which would be very handy in making electric automobiles, meaning that you could take all the energy that normally is sent to the air as heat and braking and put that energy into a capacitor device which would then bleed off into a battery and recharge the battery of the car to a certain extent.

BR: Did the technology behind the Aurora come from the Russians?

PP: No. That technology was invented specifically right here in the United States by a scientist that I, in my memory, worked for General Dynamics for a period of time, and probably worked for Rocketdyne or General Atomic for a period of time. Remember, General Atomic was highly disturbed when Lyndon Johnson refused to give them any more government contracts unless they’d move from San Diego to Texas.

BR: Mm-hm. But the Aurora’s been moth-balled anyway because that’s old technology, isn’t it?

PP: Well, I would assume that. But it was a technology where you spray gas out through a surface and then explode the gas; mix it with oxygen and explode it. It’s like push-shooting a pumpkin seed. The pressure, external, would push against it and push it forward at very high rates of speed. They’re very efficient.

BR: Okay, so… [laugh] That was our 60-second sound byte about the Aurora, which is worth an interview in itself. But go back to what you feel that we learned from the Russians, because we had some fascinating conversations about this.

PP: Well, we learned an awful lot about material science. There was a man by the name of I. M. Frenchovic [unclear] that was a believer in quantum physics. So he wouldn’t hire anybody – this was in the late ‘50s or mid-50s – he wouldn’t hire anybody for his institute that didn’t absolutely believe in quantum physics. So a lot of the work they did was based on quantum physics and we hadn’t quite decided whether that was real or not.

Whether it was real or not, they came up with a lot of things that were very interesting. Additionally, they were doing a lot of research work in such areas as remote viewing and telekinesis and such things.

We learned a lot. We brought a number of people out from there that taught us things.

This was a very interesting thing that happened in the Soviet Union. If you look at their government, it’s kind of a three-branch party system. You have the people from industry, the people from government, and the people from the political pedagogy, so that to get the full vote you had to have someone vote that it wasn’t in violation of Stalinist-Leninist political dogma.

A lot of science was definitely outside of Stalinist-Leninist political dogma, therefore the scientists were very frustrated and so there was a lot of information they were willing to give out because their government had told them it was baloney anyway so why not give it away? They wanted to see their ideas and thoughts utilized.

Secondly, there were a lot of them that, one way or another, snuck out and came to work for the West and brought a lot of very good information, including a lot of the very basic things that were happening in what we’ll call psychic phenomena or mental talents.

It really isn’t that. It’s actually a definite science and there’s a lot of technology that’s behind it. We hear a lot of stories about that from the government, a lot of past history that’s, much of it, disinformation. We’re told that: Well, we learned a few things from it but it wasn’t particularly good. I think that that’s very wrong because I know it’s particularly very good and I can’t imagine that they’re not using that kind of technology.

Additionally, we learned a tremendous amount of things about outer space technology. We learned a lot about the amount of radiation that you find outside the ionosphere and the problems that that causes. We had some problems with our early astronauts because we didn’t know what was there.

Notice there were several lulls in our space program as we found out new things, and then geared up to take into account the malevolence of outer space. You know, out of that came a lot of conjecture that there was way too much radiation for us to have had people in outer space.

One of the things that very much interested me was when the Mir Space Station was crashing. They were worried about the fact that it had a little radioactive material on it that might cause problems on Earth and they didn’t know exactly where it was going to fall.

But one of the things the Soviets announced… and one of the things I do is I listen to short wave, because when you listen to short wave, you hear about the same event, the same people, the same place, the same time, and a completely different story of what went on there. [laughter] So the press in the United States is either completely ignorant or it’s completely controlled, as far as I can tell.

But one of the things the Soviets did was announce the weight of the Mir station. When you look at that weight, you find out it was about 5,600 shuttle loads of material. They didn’t launch that much, we didn’t launch that much, so why would the Mir weigh as much as it did?

The explanation is, which you can find out for yourself if you merely take a sensitive Geiger counter on a plane flight, is how much radiation is up there just at 30,000 feet. You’re allowed one or two chest X-rays a year; you get a chest X-ray every two or three minutes out there, you know, that was a problem. If you look at some of the symptoms of problems some of the early astronauts had, you’d realize that it probably was radiation poisoning.

BR: How did the mass that constituted all that extra shielding…

PP: My feeling is that the extra mass that was there on that station was shielding.

BR: How did it get up there?

PP: That’s an interesting question. I didn’t see us launch anything that could’ve taken it there.

BR: Did the Russians launch it there?

PP: Not that I know of. I mean, you’ve seen the…

BR: Okay. Now, what that implies, then, is that we could never have made it to the Moon in the way that it had been advertised that we went to the Moon because everyone would’ve been fried. Is that too simplistic a conclusion?

PP: Well, that’s my conclusion. I mean, I know one thing. You can go to look at the Moon diorama at Jet Propulsion Laboratory and you can ask the question: Was the Lander pressurized with oxygen? They said: No, we didn’t have a place for it. They had to wear their spacesuits. And here’s the astronaut standing there with his spacesuit on, and here’s the door to the Lander open, and you can see that that spacesuit wouldn’t fit through that door without the astronaut in it.


BR: Right.

PP: So I did have a bit… You know, there’s a bit of speculation there.

BR: What we’ve been told by our witness Henry Deacon is that some of the Apollo missions did actually go to the Moon, but not without help from our friends, as it were. Can you make any comment on that, or is this..?

PP: Well, it’s my feeling as a scientist that, if we went to the Moon, we had to have help from friends.

KC: And off-world friends, you’re talking about?

PP: I’m talking about…

BR: We’re talking about friends in high places. [laughs]

PP: …friends in high places. From high places.

BR: But we do have friends in high places, do we?

PP: Far as I know.

BR: Do we have any enemies?

PP: Far as I know, we do. I mean, there’ve been malevolent things happening all over the world that… You know, you can’t deny cattle mutilation and you can’t deny some personal, or human, mutilation; or, certainly, biomedical manipulation. I mean, it’s happened. Somebody did it, and it could have been done from here. But when you examine that…

You know, Linda Moulten Howe has written extensively and spoken extensively on these things, and examined them extensively. I grew up with her in the same school system and the same town and know that she was exceedingly bright, and got brighter and brighter as time went by. I don’t doubt that a lot of her conclusions are correct conclusions. She’s someone that I would absolutely trust in that.

You know, I say if something happens in one spot, you don’t know. But when something happens time after time, year after year, in all different kinds of locations where people don’t know each other and don’t communicate with each other and don’t read each other’s newspapers and it doesn’t make the press, it seems highly likely that those things happened.

BR: I understand. Now, among many other things you are, let me use the word, an electronics genius, if I may. Are you in possession of any information about the constitution of implants that have been recovered from abductees?

PP: Well, I’ve talked to people who have removed what they felt were implants. I deal almost daily with nanoelectronics and microelectronics, and the descriptions and pictures I’ve seen have nothing to do with any nano- and microelectronics that we have from anyone that I know of here on this planet.

Many of them, or most of them, are biological in nature. I know that one doctor who’s removed a number of what they felt were implants, the implant acted like it was alive and moved through the body away from the surgeon trying to remove it.

I knew that some of them, when they were taken out, were minutely dissected, and I’ve seen the pictures of that. They’re devices that signals could be obtained from that were obviously intelligent signals. They were not random things, they were not biological things, and yet it was biological material that had obviously been engineered for a specific purpose.

BR: That’s really incredible.

PP: I’ve never seen anything in writing that would lead me to believe that we had that kind of technology on this planet.

BR: Mm-hm. When we’re talking about friends or enemies in high places, you feel that wasn’t a particularly friendly thing to do?

PP: I have no idea. It could well have been. I wouldn’t doubt but what we’ve had that from both sides. Friends and enemies.

BR: Okay.

PP: I think there are people here… There are people that I felt had crucial knowledge to the perpetration of the planet the way we’d like it to be, and I’ve seen them saved from disease, miraculously. But they had had some incident that they seemed to have a memory of that we would call maybe an abduction, or maybe a kidnapping and manipulation.

BR: So they’re being helped and supported.

PP: They’re being helped and supported, it appears, from somewhere.

BR: Our experience would support that, all the testimony we’ve received from a lot of people. It’s just interesting to hear your view. This is something we didn’t even talk about yesterday.

PP: Well, I try to look at everything from a scientific viewpoint; from a really unbiased, observational point of view. Being as I got involved in quantum physics early, which is something that deals a lot with probabilities, I try to figure the probabilities of things… make observations and feel the probabilities: Well, what would this mean?

From a probability standpoint, what’s the probability that it just happened spontaneously? And the probabilities are approaching zero.

What’s the probability that we had something that would do this? Probabilities are zero or very low.

What’s the probability that it might have come from some outside intelligent source? The probabilities are up in the, you know, 99 percent region. [laughs] Then, after you see one after another after another of these, you begin to think, you know, maybe I’m on the right track here.

BR: Yeah. When does it become a reasonable certainty? Yeah, right.

We’ve just mentioned the testimony from our witness and colleague Henry Deacon and now you’ve talked about your experience working with quantum physics. You told us about… Sorry, let me start this again.

Henry told us about his research work in what some people call signal non-locality, or actional communication at a distance. One of the Holy Grails of physics is to build a working device such that there can be instantaneous communication that can traverse light years in no time. Is this something which you’re able to talk about at all? Do you have any opinions, experience or..?

PP: Well, I’ve done a number of experiments and I definitely have opinions. I can say that Maxwell was right. One of the things I found out was…

BR: This is James…?

PP: James Clerk Maxwell, who wrote the first exposition of electromagnetic theory. From a little bit of his work… the way I like to describe his work, it’s like you took a white sheet of paper. And he took the end of a paintbrush and dipped it in paint and made splotches all over this white sheet of paper. He said: Here’s something I saw. Here’s something I believe. Here’s something I’ve experimented on and so forth.

So now you have a white sheet of paper with a lot of splotches, which I liken to a window that you could peek through just a few holes in the window, and each time you peek through you see something different.

There’s a lot of the area that was still white, that he hadn’t done any experiments in, but there were a lot of various areas where he actually did something and had experiments that were repeatable and were, eventually, describable, if not explainable. So then he took one large bunch of these and he wrote electromagnetic theory around that.

Now that electromagnetic theory allowed us to build motors and generators, electric motors, electric generators, radio transmitters, television transmitters, radio and television receivers, computers, the Internet, etcetera, etcetera, over a period of time. So that was passed on down through a line of scientists, engineers, physicists and so forth and became those motors and televisions and so forth.

But what happened to all the other swatches? Many of them were never, never… the knowledge was never continued, it was never written about, etcetera, etcetera. So, early on, I went and replicated most of the papers, most of the notebooks, most of the letters that went back and forth, and I started looking at some of these other things.

One of the things that got out, that people did look at, was a thing called action at a distance, which meant that something happened in point A, and at point B – which could be clear across the universe – something could… information could be sent from point A to point B faster than the speed of light.

And it didn’t travel; it literally went through some sub-universe or parallel universe, from A to B, instantaneously and with no energy required. Just now, in Canada and in Belgium and in France and in some areas in the United States, there’s a tremendous amount of research being done in that.

So, it’s something that’s been known at MIT, for example, for many years; but, MIT knows if they talk about it, they got to back up and say: All the physics we’re teaching isn’t exactly correct. So, that really hasn’t happened, but they want to know that if Harvard says something that they can say: We’ve known about it for years.

There was a gentleman that I had met [on] several occasions that ran a kind of an Anomalous Research Institute that found that these things that kind of violated the pet laws of physics; they continued to take a look at them. But they knew that, if that actually worked and was something that could be repeated, that they better revise their thinking. For one reason or another — mostly ego, political or economic — a lot of that stuff wasn’t brought out.

BR: What can you say about whether there were any practically functioning devices built that were able to utilize this theoretical principal of communication or action at a distance?

PP: Ah, probably nothing.

BR: Okay. I remember that Henry Deacon said that he had actually worked on these devices. He said that the work had been done at Livermore prior to Alanaspects [unclear] experiments in Paris in the ’80s.

PP: The problem is, when you said practical.

BR: Okay.

PP: Now here’s the problem. If you have something that works that doesn’t use electromagnetic radiation, you have to develop a whole entirely-new technology. Like, how do you tune it? When you tune a radio, what you’re doing is altering the…

The problem’s with practical. We may have a practical technology or not. I know that, once I get my lab built, we’re going to have a practical technology, because I have a lot of work that I’ve done and ideas that I’ve done and I now need to build a prototype.

It’s how to tune something that doesn’t have a time function. So how can you transmit more than one signal at a time? Then, I don’t necessarily want to expose that information because… not that it’s going to be a billion-dollar product, which it would be. I mean, imagine a cell phone that’ll work anywhere in the universe with no energy, or such little energy that it’s inconsequential. Or Internet that works that way.

BR: As Hal Puthoff once said to me – somebody who I believe you once knew – is, he said to me: As the dog said — so many trees and so little time.

PP: [laughs] Exactly right, exactly right.

BR: So, at this point, I’m going to thank you very much for the conversations we’ve had both yesterday and today. We’re still on tape. We’ve got some time left here today. I’m going to hand over to Kerry with the microphone and camera. David also wants to ask you some questions about his particular interests and we want to make sure that we can capture all of this, as we possibly can do. So, with huge reluctance, I’m going to get out from behind this camera, because I’d love to talk to you for hours more. I hope we’re going to get this opportunity later. And right now I’m going to hand over to Kerry.

PP: Thank you very much for your interest.

BR: Okay.

[music fades in]

…been involved with trying to build flying saucers – you usually found with flying saucers, if you look at most of the movies there always seems to be a robot involved with it…

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