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Falling Satellite Debris – NOT !!! They’re Aliens (Sept 24/Canada)

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9/24/ 2011

Check it out, kids!!


UFOs All Over the Sun – SOHO Censoring It Sept 19, 2011

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9/20, 2011

Always verifiable!!!

Downloadable images.


Mars Tour – Olympus Mons Volcano (SEE the Chariots of Fire)

September 15, 2011 2 comments

9/15/ 2011

This is the first area I’ve seen on Mars or the Moon that isn’t ‘residential’.   It doesn’t have the patterned layouts of structures/land.   It does have many, many Chariots of Fire though.    Viewers should try it out themselves.  Go to Google Earth.  At the top, there is a tab that allows you to select Mars.  Use the coordinates I provide here.  Verify it for yourself.  Then go find your own amazing Mars site!!

Thank you for stopping by, friend.  Hope you enjoy the video/images.  Please feel free to copy/share.

Moon Mining

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9/01/ 2011   It’s so easy to find these bases and ancient civilizations on the moon.   Check out my other moon videos.  There are tips there if you are so inclined.  Images of this video are posted below.  Thanks for stopping by, friends.  🙂

Pyramids Discovered on the Moon July 31, 2011

One person using Google Earth made an amazing discovery….  there are pyramids on the moon.  Anyone can go to Google Earth, download images, and use a simple image editing program to see these exact same images.  Anyone!   I used a software program called VideoPad.     The options elected with these images include: cropping, brightness, contrast, gamma, smooth, edge detection, negative, and temp.  Also, some images edited with Microsoft Office Picture Manager.  (hint: increasing midtone sometimes increases the green/grass on the moon’s surface.  Yes, there is an atmosphere. Anyway…)

UFO Army Memo on Recovered Roswell Craft