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Falling Satellite Debris – NOT !!! They’re Aliens (Sept 24/Canada)

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9/24/ 2011

Check it out, kids!!



Japan UFO – A Second Look

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This was posted on YouTube ( yesterday.  Images for this video are now complete, and can be viewed/downloaded below the video.

In this video, I’m trying to show the multidimensional craft that usually accompany the lone, flashy ufos that people love so much.   Now there’s nothing wrong with a good ufo video.  I like them too, but    I’m interested in MORE.  What else is present in that video/image that we can’t see?    How does it work?  What do the symbols mean?  What do the animal shapes mean?    If you are of like mind, you will enjoy my videos.

Okay, without further delay….

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Mars – Tour of Life/Civilizations (Active Shalbata Vallis)

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9/14/ 2011

For those interested in life on Mars. This is just ONE of many Mars videos I have taken. All contain these signs of life.

Enjoy .

Moon Tour

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9/14/ 2011
NASA is instituting ‘No Fly Zones’ over portions of the moon. To go into effect later this month. Yeah, you heard it right. Anyway, until they
figure out we (the little people) can fly there via Google Earth…

Here’s a short Moon Tour video/images for you. I try to let the video/images speak for themselves, but I’m tempted to just say, “Hey, these are just like the Egyptian settlements you see on the History Channel.” If you look close, you’ll see the huge animal shaped structures. I know if the colors were true, they would be more apparent. Unfortunately, all I can do with my software is apply the basics. And… when it’s very dark, it’s necessary to increase contrast to extremely high levels. How much this alters color? I don’t know.

As for what extraterrestrials are living on the moon – I don’t know that either. I guess it’s time to google some Alex Collier videos.

Enjoy and always remember you are free to copy/share.

Elenin UP CLOSE ( like you’ve NEVER seen it)

8/28/ 2011 

Anyone can take a video and zoom in, slow it down, add a dash of contrast or gamma, and

see what you’re missing.  It’s very easy to do.


Playing the HAARP Nicely

By Randy Wheeler
August 21, 2011

“Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of (Scalar) electromagnetic waves, so there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that’s why this is so important.

William Cohen, U.S. Secretary of Defense, April 1997, Quoted from Department of Defense News Briefing., Sam Nunn

The system William Cohen is describing goes by the name, HAARP, High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. This article is not about any military use of HAARP so those who eschew disturbing information can relax and continue reading.

Most people in the US have little idea that it exists or that it has the capacity to control the weather – from droughts and floods to tornadoes and hurricanes – and to set off earthquakes.

While some may shy away from believing this, immediately wondering about Fukuishima or Haiti or all the floods and serious droughts we’re experiencing here, there is no denying the fact of this capability, now in the hands of the US military.

And weathermen have seen and are reporting strange weather data.

It’s not as though the government hasn’t done “science” things we have boggled at in the past – the Public Health service conducting the Tuskeegee experiment and then the CDC allowing it to continue, exposing citizens to nuclear testing, experimenting on our soldiers, using depleted uranium in Iraq, etc.

If one accepts that the US can cause droughts and floods, there is a wonderful upside. It means the US can fix a drought or stop flooding, and that is where we all come in.

Right now the southern portion of the country is experiencing a drought so severe there is talk of a new Dust Bowl.

On picture says it all.

This quite naturally poses a threat to the US food supply. While that may sound worrisome or even frightening to ordinary people, for those who profit by food shortages, droughts are a great blessing since there is no better marketing tool for food than starvation.

But one needn’t quibble about whether the drought is gift to the insanely greedy from God, or a present to themselves from the greedy who play God. The point is that we have a severe drought and the government has the means to fix it.

That is incredibly good news. It offers a direction. Farming and food groups and others who like to eat, can now take action. They can begin requesting that the Obama Administration use the power of HAARP to make it rain over the drought regions of the southern US.

This offers a number of benefits, not the least of which is a chance for Obama to do something significant to help the country, and something quite immediate and visible.

And doing so would relieve the USDA of its callous refusal to pay out on drought insurance farmers and ranchers had bought, using the odd excuse that there is too much “greenness” for the insurance policies to kick in. One glance at the map makes the USDA’s position embarrassingly false. If one of the worse droughts in US history isn’t time to pay on drought insurance, when would be?

In coming together to make this request, all those farming groups and food groups and the country itself become aware that the US can alter the weather. While some may go further and ask if they have been doing so already, that is not necessary. Instead, asking Obama to use HAARP to make it rain becomes a mainstream request for federal assistance from a government with the ability to deliver it.

Issues of who caused the drought – God or man – and outstanding questions such as about Haiti which sits over a huge oil field are averted, and the issue remains at the level of a simple plea for help. It becomes a request that anyone along the political spectrum could easily “weather.”

The request itself becomes a form of public education – we have means to protect from extremes of weather – and with Obama’s assistance it also becomes a time of true government relief as rain is brought to drought-stricken areas.

The only difficulty arises if Obama does not help. It would be quite awkward for him because the government can’t both warn about the great danger to the food supply from this drought and to our farmers’ staying on the land, and then not do a relatively simple thing to save the food supply and the farmers. Without Obama responding, questions will arise as to whether the drought is desired, along with the loss of food, farmers and farmland.

This seeking of rain from the government has parallels with seeking rain from God, for in both cases, one worries that the rain may be withheld because of God or man’s lack of benevolence toward the people. “Is God angry?” people have asked from time immemorial, when rain didn’t come and felt they needed to be in a better place spiritually to invite its arrival.

Since no one need be a better place spiritually to expect the government to protect the population, things are simple: We have a drought, the US government has a mean to stop it.

This touches on global warming, as well, and in a positive way. Putting aside whether it might be being caused by HAARP or chemtrails or both, in knowing about HAARP’s capabilities to bring rain or drought, this then means that droughts and flooding can be ended.

Thus, the effects of global warming which are always being warned of in cataclysmic terms, can actually be avoided or greatly ameliorated. Many of the massive destructive effects predicted with global warming might be eased or lessened.

This should reassure the whole world.

Hopefully, global warming does not have value politically or financially such that it would make such common sense help unappealing.

Right now, though, farmers and ranchers are in trouble and all who care about the US being independent in food have a way to help them because there is a mans to address and end the drought.

The country can join together in asking the government to provide rain and expect Obama to come to the aid of his country, its farmers and its food. It is a great moment for him, or it would be irredeemably embarrassing if he does nothing and lets things continue toward what we now know would be an unnecessary dust bowl.

Whether or not the drought is a deadly sin of commission, what is patent is that not to act to stop it would be a deadly a sin of omission.

Americanbunker Films Alien Base in Antarctica 8/14/ 2011

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8/14/ 2011

Well, the American government wasn’t going to tell you.